Would you like to run a Solid Event in your city?


Any Solidos in Sweden? I am planing on doing something in Stockholm next year. Give me a ping.


I intend to go to FOSDEM this year.


I’m not sure yet. Concerning Solid: I don’t think there will be a talk about it this year, if I see the schedule.
Maybe giving such a talk next year is something that some of the Belgian Solid members could be interested in giving?
If that’s the case: better go for a big room there, otherwise difficult to see the talk for people (full room).


I want to see if there’s a non-monetary way of hosting this event maybe on campus or something - I don’t have the resources as a student to pay monthly for meetup


One great solution is to partner with a group who host events on a similar theme so that they take care of logistics and you can concentrate on the content and Solid community


Hi folks - I’m part of the MaidSafe team and involved in various meetups etc. Given the connections between both Solid and SAFE, thought it might be worth floating an idea - might there be any interest in running a joint SOLID/SAFE event somewhere? An obvious idea is to use the group/setup in the SAFE community’s London meetup (https://www.meetup.com/SAFE-Network-London/) - but that’s simply for admin ease etc.

Purely an idea at this stage - but we could get maybe get @joshuef or @bochaco to talk about the work they’ve been doing recently on SAFE that relates to Solid for some of it together with whoever else from the Solid community wants to get involved. Really don’t mind how it’s branded etc as it’s not about that side of things - it’s more a case of being interested to get likeminded people in the same location and sharing the knowledge amongst us all :slight_smile:


Solid Meetup Sweden coming up, I found a sponsor and place, I need people in Sweden that could help out on the event. Send PM.


Maybe I’ve overlooked last time I checked, but now I see that there is a talk of Ruben Verborgh at FOSDEM on Sunday 3 February 10:00 in a big room :+1:
I’ll try to be there.



Let us open up the southern hemisphere and include Sydney, Australia


Wonderful! Looking forward to hearing the details. Let me know if I can provide any guidance or tips on anything in particular.


Laughingly, MeetUp refused my attempt at creating Solid-Sydney group claiming they’ve never heard of TB-L.
With logic and mindsets like that it may take me a while to over-come.


Maybe the theme of the first meet up could be about who is TBL?


On February 6th I’ll be hosting Solid World online https://www.eventbrite.com/e/solid-world-tickets-53692744444 The details will be clarified in the coming days around the theme and the app to be presented, if you have any ideas in particular let me know.



I live in the Albany NY area and would be very interested in participating in a Solid Event.



Hi Bob,
Sounds Great, I have been MIA here for awhile but, I meet with a group here in Saratoga regularly regarding Solid. Primarily, our focus is on creating apps, and collaborating with others to promote the Solid Ecosystem in our Region. Currently working on launching pod services, among other things, will PM you to get you on board. Glad to see you here, welcome!

I would also consider telling a little about yourself so that others here in the community can collaborate with you as well.



Well, I’m 63 yrs. old. My background is coding in assembler for 15 years on data communication projects. I’ve managed countless software projects over the years and managed multiple international projects, spending lots of time in Mexico. I also began using the web in Feb. 1993 and in 1996 owned a large website that I grew to top 100 in the world. I had a staff of 53 people. I’m proficient in Access and Excel and even having Excel start an access database to pull data using ODBC from an Oracle database and then back to Excel to pull in multiple tables. Then about 10 pages of VB code to manipulate the data. Very cool code.

Anyway, I live in the Albany area and like the concept of Solid. Too bad the Internet didn’t start with Solid! At this time I would prefer to not write code but alpha and beta test providing details of what is and what is not working. Thanks.



@BobLally would be great to have a Solid Event in Albany! These events are organised by members of the community. Basically, set up an invite on meetup or eventbrite and pick a spot in a public space and post here or https://github.com/solid/community/pull/14 They usually start small and grow, like most things in life. There’s an intro thread where you can read about others profiles and introduce yourself. Tim’s original vision of the web 30 years ago was not that far off from Solid, we are building how it was originally intended to be shaped and used.

@adventure would be great if you could pop the meeting you mentioned in Saratoga either in this thread wiki or https://github.com/solid/community/pull/14 so that others know about it.


@MitziLaszlo sounds great, and will update ^-^ @BobLally What an incredible resume, and I absolutely agree that Solid is a great platform with lots of possibilities. We are currently working with a couple others around the Country developing Solid pods and apps, we would welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


I’m in Belgium and I’d love to meet other people interested in SOLID.

I’d like to create a business around the technology (both for pod hosting and apps development), so if anyone is interested to brainstorm around these ideas… :slight_smile:


Hello Team,

I am very excited to tell you that we are running a Solid meet-up in Leipzig Germany on 20th February!

We already have a venue, sponsor for food and an agenda. It would be really amazing if someone from Solid/Inrupt can get on call with us for 30 mins and provide certain guidelines. Also, we are looking for Solid specialists to attend our meet-up as Guest Speakers (Online/Offline).


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