Berlin Meetup Rollcall

to get a sense of what size of venue we’d need: Who here is in or around the Berlin area and would want to join some informal meetup?

Also, please mention if you’d come in from out of city - that requires a bit more planning on your side, so also a bit more commitment on the meetup-side so the trip is worth it.

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Solid Utrecht has 50 signups in a few days. I can imagine that Berlin would attract numbers, might be an idea to put a cap and start with a smaller venue and then see how it goes. My two cents.

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That’s why this post exists, to get a feel for how many people I know are willing to come for sure. Of course, I’m also aware that this forum probably only has a fraction of the interested persons signed up and active.

Hi, I’m a developer and new to Solid. I’m Berlin based and would be great to meet people from the community.


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Is there a link to the Solid Berlin event? When there is might be good to add it here Find Solid events near you

not yet, will create one this week though!

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Hello JollyOrc,

I work here in Leipzig. Would love to help you setup the event.


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Still nailing down the details, but save the date: January 9th, 19:00, at

Official page will follow once things are set.

If anyone wants to present something, let me know!

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The Meetup is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to meet the new local community and have a nice interchange.

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The very first Solid meetup in Berlin didn’t appear to start under the very best circumstances - Hashir from Four C, who wanted to come all the way from Chemnitz had to cancel at the last moment, as the weather was making travel too difficult.

So I was a bit nervous when Ela gave me the key to the Supermarkt and wished me a good evening. But I shouldn’t have worried: Fifteen minutes into the actual meetup, we had a table full of people chatting amiably about technology, social implications and online security.

While there was certainly technical expertise at the table, most of us on this wednesday weren’t foremost Solid developers but entrepreneurs, scientists, consultants and people generally interested in a semantic and foremost decentralized web.

Most of the evening was spent discussing the merits, possible applications and implications but also the current shortcomings of Solid. The engagement was very high, so I didn’t even get to completely finish my short introduction into Solid.

We’re all looking quite forward to the next meetup in late february or early march at the latest!


Hi there!

we have a date for the next Berlin Solid meetup:

March 27th, again at Supermarkt.

RSVP here:


Reminder: This is today! See you tonight! :slight_smile: