Solid San Francisco Bay Area

Hi all!

We’d just started organizing Solid meetups in San Francisco when Covid hit and have been on a bit of a hiatus after a couple lightly attended meetings in late spring, but we’re very interested in putting something together in September - please propose a talk on our meetabit group if you’re interested in speaking:

I’d also be down to organize an informal meetup at 5pm after next week’s Solid World event if there’s interest - reply down thread if you’re interested!

Just pinging here as a bit of an introduction.

I haven’t written or used Solid yet, but I’ve been starting to dig into different resources around RDF to get familiar. Looking forward to this group and I’m excited there’s one in my area :slight_smile:

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Welcome tychi! I’d love to have a Solid meetup this month - I think the next Solid World will be on October 1 at 7am PT, and I’d love to host something at 5pm that day to discuss the news and meet other Bay Area folks interested in Solid. I’ve created an event for it here:

Looking forward to meeting you there!

I’m trying to connect, but it says the meeting hasn’t started. Is this still happening tonight?

If not, no worries, I ended up missing Solid World this morning :sweat_smile:

ah jeez to be totally honest I completely lost track of time this afternoon and forgot to start it, I’m so sorry! would be down to connect sometime soon - I’ll send you a DM!

But if you have any questions about anything you can ask them here.

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