Solid Meetup Berlin

It is that time again, to have another Solid Meetup in Berlin!

This time, the friendly folks at Edenspiekermann are playing hosts, secure your seat here:

See you on May 29th, 18:30!

Christian Buggedei


Hello again everybody!

We had a lengthy summer break, where organizing things got a bit difficult, but the date for the next Solid Meetup Berlin is set:

Thursday, September 12th at 19:00

Mark your calendars, and if you want to present something, feel free to contact me. A proper event page with all the details will be posted sometime early next week.


we have an event page:


Great news!

Added it to

and the This Week in Solid newsletter

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I’m currently in Berlin for a few days, and I’d love to meet with some active Solid developers to explore a project and learn more about the space.

Is anybody up to meet in Berlin/Germany today or early this week?

Nice to hear about it, but I’m afraid I can’t assist :frowning:

HI @JollyOrc

Tomorrow evening is great. What time would be good for you?

Maybe we should DM to coordinate?

And if you’re up for it @rodant, would love to meet you as well

Thanks for the invitation, I’d rather enjoy it, but I wont find time today for that.


Here’s the presentation about iSumo, Karl H. Richters prototype to track impact on the product supply chain.

It was the main topic of the meetup, and (deservedly) well received.


I’m also in Berlin and would be interested in organising something like this.

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Hi @alexstacey,

Fantastic! Perhaps drop me a line on and we can find a date to set up a call and chat.

@jollyorc maybe you’d like to join? Any updates on how Solid Berlin is going and upcoming plans and where it would be appreciated to get support?


I’m planning to do the next meetup in early-to-mid december, to be hosted here at

Alas, the last meetup wasn’t that well attended, but maybe we could fix this? :slight_smile:

@MitziLaszlo ok cool. I’ll drop you a message then.

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The time, date, and place for the next Berlin meetup is set:

If anyone wants to come and present their project, drop me a line!