Would you like to run a Solid Event in your city?


Would you like to hold a Solid Event in your city? Here’s a place to volunteer and connect with other volunteers in your city.

Find out about Solid Events or let others know about Solid Events by posting them on https://github.com/solid/information/blob/master/solid-events.md



I created a meetup about Solid in Utrecht (Netherlands). Today it would have been the first one but unfortunately I’m sick. Shall we join forces?


Yes! Would be great. Would you like to set up a call to talk about it? Drop me an email about when would be convenient and the best line to reach you on mitzil@inrupt.com


Inrupt’s planning an extended meet-up in Boston around Dec 4th. Inrupters will be there, polling for questions that folks want answering, we’ll stream it live, talk about future pans and it’ll be an open channel for discussion. More to come!


I’ll Happily do one in Berlin, Germany.


I’d love to do one in Toronto, nothing exciting except Ethereum happens here, haha. But I’ve never run a meetup before, so I’ll need some hand holding.


Not really a meet up, but maybe someone knowledgeable could give a presentation @FOSDEM (Brussels: 2&3 February 2019)?
I would visit that and I can help with logistics, if necessary.


I’d like to help organize one in NYC. I’d definitely be out of my comfort zone leading it, so if anybody else wants to step up for that it would be great, but otherwise I’ll do my best :slight_smile:


Cologne, Germany


What a great idea. Yes :slight_smile: Sofia, Bulgaria. After December 10th, or maybe next year. I will work to join forces with someone tech. Already have few people in mind.


Just wanted to mention that @eduardoinnorway have set up Solid Norway at meetup.com (and I’ve joined the administrator team), in case people want to join or see how it might be done :slight_smile:


I like your style :wink: Here the link to Solid Netherlands


Any Chinese interested in? At China, Shanghai or Beijing.


I’d be happy to help to set one up in Berlin


great - I don’t have a Meetup account, maybe we just get some thread rolling here?


Ready to make one in Lyon / France.


I’m also in Toronto, and I can find the a few other guys to help.


Sounds good! What I didn’t expect is that meetup charges you on a monthly basis to run a group. If I can get an idea on how many are interested, I will go down that avenue or try to host something at a University maybe


Hello JollyOrc,

I am also currently researching on SOLID. I live and study in Chemnitz. Drop me an email hashir.rizwan@outlook.com if you need any support.


I would like to set one up in the Capital Region of New York.