Would you like to run a Solid Event in your city?


First meetup in Oslo coming up. https://www.meetup.com/Solid-Norway/events/256467181/


I run the monthly Krakow Digital Nomads meet ups… Solid is something I mentioned at the last one, and would have a nice synergy. Lots of web-based workers, designers and developers there.

I’m here for 10 more weeks, before heading to India for 2 months - and could include a Solid component of my book tour at 5-6 stops there. Solid fundamentals play a key role in the final musings of my observations on the state of the world, and the role of technology to help transition digital mindsets, by the end of it all.


Hi, I live in Berlin and I would join too.


@johnb, will the dec 4th event be recorded? I’m interested in setting up an Austin meet up and this would be a great first meeting resource.


Hey! I’m based in Shanghai and interested to find people to talk to more about Solid. Feel free to add me on wechat - r3ggie


We’ll be recording the presentations and Q&A.


Do you have any questions about Solid and inrupt? Tune in to the live streaming or join us in Boston on the 5th of December. Tickets are limited, make a reservation https://www.eventbrite.com/e/solid-boston-tickets-52634666705


I was requested by a Solid supporter if I could stream our Oslo event. Anyone else that would be interested in participating online the 12th of December?


Would be nice to record it in any case maybe? For archiving purposes :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it would be great!


@mordaxand and @dprat0821 in Toronto
@tag42 and @adventure in New York
@akucakartz in Cologne
@theodorapetkova in Sofia
@linoetwo and @reggie in Shanghai or Beijing
@sergejspomer and @JollyOrc and @rodant in Berlin
@Smag0 in Lyon
@hashir.rizwan in Chemitz
@Sea in Karkow
@LaineL in Austin

Have you got invites to your events?

Would be great if you added them here Find Solid events near you


Thanks for the reminder! I will have mine after December 10th and will add it accordingly :). Excited!


Hello guys,

We are a team of 5 students/developers from TU Chemnitz working on SOLID technology. Tomorrow 28th November, 2018 we will be giving our first pitch on our Startup Project 4C and SOLID at around 11:45 CET.

Here is our website: https://wefourc.com/

We would be live on Facebook at around 11:45, we wont disappoint you for sure :smiley:

Hashir Rizwan
Masters Web Engineering
TU Chemnitz


We had our first meeting with a group of developers in Albany, New York
Signed up the first musicians on Solid!


From Albany, New York
Signed up Zack Wylde on Solid



Wow. We likely won’t have any fancy music superstars at our one, but I’m pleased to announce we are organising an informal Solid session on Wednesday December 12, in Krakow, Poland, as part of our monthly Krakow Digital Nomads meetups.

Les Couleurs, Kazimierz, 5-8pm

I’m soon deleting my Facebook, but the event invite is here - https://www.facebook.com/events/2101862909836672/



Hey, anybody going to Chaos Community Congress in Leipzig this Year? We should defentely have a meeting there!



I am considering helping launch a Paris Solid community.

Ping me if intereste :slight_smile: