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There are Solid community run meet ups in various cities, this is a place to post meet ups you are organising in your city or find out about others near you.

Would you like to run a Solid Event in your city?
Berlin Meetup Rollcall

There was one in Sweden, and there’s one in Leipzip later today, see Would you like to run a Solid Event in your city?

edit: more up-to-date info is here:


I just created a new Meetup group for NYC: New Meetup in NYC


I just created a Meetup group for Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA). I’ll post back here when we actually get a time for a meet-up set.


Anything coming to orlando, fl anytime soon?


Hi Josh,

Perhaps you would like to organise Solid Orlando? There are some tips on as well as a updated list of Solid Events that are upcoming. If you are interested in organising an event, I’d be happy to set up a call and brainstorm ideas with you.



Looks like the most up-to-date list moved back from github to the community wiki, see