Solid World April 2020


The first online Solid Event will happen on the 2nd April at 1600 CEST.

Read more about the presentations here.

If you have any questions or requests for the presenters pop them here so that they have time to prepare and adapt to your interests.

If you are interested in presenting let me know.


I presume this event will be not be able to go ahead as an in-person conference due to the pandemic? If you want to try doing an online gathering instead, one tool that could be used is free code, online learning software called Big Blue Button. If anyone wants to get a group together to test its features, the NZ Open Source Society is hosting a Community Room here:


cool … and no one said an url… im happy :slight_smile:


Hi @MitziLaszlo!

Can you please let me know what we’d to participate in this Solid event? We’d like to showcase our WIP Pod Management application being developed at I’ve just write to you at Gitter chat in case…

Thanks a lot!


Thank you @strypey for the tip


Hi @travis, I have two questions about Concept whose design & functionnalities are really cool :

  • is there any reason to store data at the root of the Pod instead of in /private folder ? because the root is not visible by default by the databrowser
  • Is there a way to remove a page ? i did not find it . A way to move a sub-page from one parent to another ? do you plan a way to share pages ? thxs

@astrid ?

  • Why do your app need to have total control access to my POD ?
  • some of my friends have big pictures so could you please resize their photo : :wink:


@astrid How did you find out about Solid?

@travis What’s the trickiest data modeling challenge you’ve encountered so far building Concept?


@astrid very nice app! I wonder why login is restricted to and Pods right now? Is this going to change in the near future?


I think I missed Astrid’s project’s GitHub page. Was it shared?


@astrid & @travis why centralize all the different elements of data, you’ve identified the problem of getting disparate information but centralizing is maybe counter to the idea of Solid?


Yes! You can try it yourself :wink: (still work in progress)


What tools, libraries or tutorials are you missing as a Solid app developer?


Thank you, Alex! Is the repo public?


@michielbdejong Speaking of GraphQL, I really think it has a good documentation and developer experience. Solid could benefit from what can be seen e.g. on (regarding both: how it is explained and how it feels to use the tools, which are very professional) we need something similar


thank you everyone! here is the repository : and here is the live app:

If you have any problems just create a new issue in the repository!!


Thanks for coming everyone! If you’d like to hear more about Concept, the Bay Area Solid Interest Club’s second meetup will be tonight at 6pm PDT. We will, of course, be meeting virtually so you’re all welcome to join us!


The problem with the images was a browser issue it worked only on chrome. But it is now solved for every browser with the new desing. Please check it out now you wont have this problem


Thank you all here is the Shighl repo