I was amazed when i found out there is a whole community that actually had a plan for decentralizing the internet. So here i am and im up to my eyeballs in inrupt… It will take time. Change is never easy. But im sure we will do it.

I grew up in the Bay Area and have always had an obsession with computers. I program in qb64 still. Im still learning. Ive studied a number of languages but i just cant get myself to program in them.

Im a progressive democrat and that seems to fit with the idea of taking back the internet. Were very much about Net Neutrality and other ways of empowering the people through technology.

Ive lived in Lexington Kentucky for the last 27 years and am not retired but busier than ever as a journalist. I hope to further my new career in solid apps like Mastadon that i am just getting started on

I just want to thank everyone involved in inrupt and solid. I think youre doing a great thing