Solid World June 4th

The Solid World June webinar will happen tomorrow at 1600 CEST

Read more about the presentation and dial-in details here.

If you have any questions or requests for the presenters pop them here so that they have time to prepare and adapt to your interests.

This month we will be looking at the Solid Geolocation Challenge entries.


@labra Do you have a link to the documented common data format that you used?

Are there plans for continuation of the projects?
Are these apps things currently usable by adventurous users?

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were the apps web based only? any trials with mobile based apps?

For @labra: one focus compared to last year was to stimulate interoperability between the different apps. To what extent was that achieved successfully?

@jaxoncreed The spec was shared in the Solid World chat:

I would like to ask about the foreseeable future of Solid. What are the “big plans” as of now? Is there anything worth mentioning that is being brought to the project?


Thank you all for joining, looking forward to seeing you next month at Solid World July

If you are interested in speaking or have requests for content please do let me know.

Hi @MitziLaszlo, was the event recorded?

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looking for event recording, @MitziLaszlo

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@aschrijver @rishav the recording will be in the next edition of the newsletter This Month in Solid