Would you like to run a Solid Event in your city?


how close to the main station is the location? Just checking the feasibility of coming in from Berlin :slight_smile:


7 mins by walk or 2 mins by S-bahn.


that is entirely do-able for me. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be there!


There was Solid Inrupt event at SXSW in Austin, TX 3 days ago that I missed. When and where is the next event about Solid in Austin TX?


I can’t find any history of Solid events in Silicon Valley - have there been any? There must be great interest…


Thundering silence. Should I try arranging a Solid “meet-up” in San Jose?


Sometimes you have to just grab the bull by the horns and do it. If you can establish a Solid Meet-Up in San Jose, I would be happy to appear electronically to discuss what our Solid Community Meet-Ups are working on here in New York. You do not need permission to do a Solid Meet-Up.




OK, Meetup group for San Jose launched. Let’s see what happens :wink:


@Stitch626 Thats great man, I know your going to do well. I can send you some information to print out for your guests that may be helpful in support of Solid.


Would be great if you could pop the details into https://github.com/solid/information/blob/master/solid-events.md to make sure that it’s mentioned during Solid World podcast so others can find it


I’ll post it as soon as we schedule something, hopefully next week.
BTW, thanks for pointing me to Solid World - I was unaware of it. I put it in my calendar!


Scheduled! We have a Meetup group in San Jose (the heart of Silicon Valley) with 30 members & counting; , and have scheduled our first meetup for April 9th, 7:00PST in Sunnyvale CA. Exact venue is TBD, but we’re thinking of a “Panera Bread” restaurant in the center of town. 6 RSVPs for the event so far.

Now I have to figure otu what I’ll say when all these people show up :stuck_out_tongue:

@MitziLaszlo please mention this on the PODcast.


Wonderful, thank you John. I’ve added your event to https://github.com/solid/information/blob/master/solid-events.md for you and will make sure to announce it in the Solid World Podcast


Great! As a newbie, I’d love to participate in a Solid meetup. If, by chance, some people from Lyon/France (or nearby) are interested… :smile:
I can help but, again, as a newbie. :hugs:


Hi Mehdi,

Would you like to organise Solid Lyon?