Try my new app : IDE & file manger for Solid

I have a created a new app and would like your feedback and suggestions.
It’s a minimal IDE and file manager for Solid data stores that works
alongside the data browser providing a simplified *nix like directory
tree and full-featured syntax-highlighting Ace editor. My thinking is
that this provides new Solid developers a more familiar interface for
browsing a server and a way to see and experiment with turtle. And for
more experienced developers, a quick and dirty way to make changes
directly on the server. No downloads or installation necessary, this is
a fully native Solid app, just visit it and use it.

new address - (moved to github)

the app

source code


Fantastic app! Is it open source?

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Oh, yes definitely it’s open source. MIT license. Look in the /public/lib directory (using the app) and you can see and download the source though it’s preliminary. Or download the tarball here : Solside source repo


This is really great and could be useful for a lot of apps. Thank you for sharing it!


Wow, that’s a great app! Nice job on this! Can you also post a link to the source code repo for it?

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For the moment the source code repo is my POD. You can use the app itself to browse the source files or right-click on the tarball to download them all. Here’s a link which opens the repo in the app: source code repo for Solside

This is great.
I was able to edit my main index.html page.
I need a chance to learn the vi key mappings - any help would be welcome.

Most of your OS editing keys, mouse, and touchpad, gestures should work in the editor. There are lots of Vi cheatsheets out there. For the specific flavor used in the editor, check at the editor website : Ace/Cloud 9 Editor. Sorry, I’m an emacs guy :slight_smile:

So far this has been the only way I could edit my main index.html too. Greatly appreciated as someone who hasn’t setup proper hosting for their apps yet and has been uploading test pages to test patching/posting. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Nice to have syntax coloring for our turtle files aswell.

My only suggestion is that you might have a file menu that works similar to the way you’re handling the folders.

Thanks much for the suggestion, I think you’re right that it would provide more consistency. Let me know if you think of anything else.


Great stuff.

Now I’ve pushed the boundaries a bit by trying this URI (which takes a SPARQL Results Doc URI as its parameter). Note, the query returns RDF-Turtle.

Note, it is the same query (but with SELECT replaced with DESCRIBE) as the one used by (another Solid App – see forum discussion thread here).

Hmm… I see this is CORs related.

Great, keep pushing the boundaries. I did verify that a .rq file syntax highlights sparql quite nicely. I’d love to have a sparql bar in there too, but so far my attempts have not gotten very far. I got a similar CORS error when I tried to send a remote sparql query to etree.

Assuming this link isn’t corrupted (post save), here is another attempt without CORS issues that doesn’t quite work.

Console output

HTTP interactions

/cc @jeffz

That’s because the instance in question hasn’t enabled CORS.

See: Enabling CORS for Virtuoso HTTP Sevice Endpoints .

Yep. The CORS issue is one of the (many) reasons we need Solid. While I am quite interested in the kind of mashup that could result from the remote queries you are trying,the first job of my app is to serve Solid, not linked data in general. The help page says “type any Solid URL into the URL bar”. So, yes eventually I would like to be able to handle data from other kinds of sites but that’s way down the road. I do need better error handling for the kind of URL you tried, so many thanks for showing me what you’ve been trying.

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This is awesome! Especially useful as the current “source” editor does not work well in Firefox where you can’t open an existing file to be edited as it returns “undefined” in the textarea. ( issue ticket to be created). Thanks!

Also note WARP which is one of the original Solid Apps.

This Link is an example targeting one of my pods.


Oh, my, that is a really great app, thanks much for pointing me to it.

There are many first-generation solid apps and panes (applets) that simply need tweaking i.e., a shortcut to bootstrapping understanding and exploitation of what Solid brings to the table re loose-coupling of:

  1. identity – WebID
  2. Identification – WebID-Profile Doc
  3. Authentication – WebID-TLS (TLS) and/or WebID-OIDC (OpenID Connect)
  4. Authorization – WebACLs (Attribute-based Access Controls informed by rules expressed in RDF)
  5. Storage – actual data persistence (via PUT, PATCH etc,) to a Pod or other Data Spaces that support relevant open standards
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