Solid-ide (solside) is now on github


Solid-ide, a simple online Integrated Development Environment and file manger for Solid data stores is now available on github. The code repository is and the app itself can be run directly at It is now re-integrated with solid-file-client and has a few minor improvements, more on the way. I would really value any feedback, criticism, or suggestions you can offer.

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Nice thanks
You should modify so as not to have samples inside solside app : sample-turtle.ttl do not display the turtles (you have pane inside pane)
I created public/solside with the app separated from public/samples


It’s not really ’ mobile friendly’ :roll_eyes:


You’re right. Putting that on the to-do list, thanks.


Solid Solside App Works Great Jeffz!


That app really does work great Jeffz, glad to be able to test it out.


Great idea! And I am looking forward to see how that works. What are the first steps into this. I put an URL - say this one into the box at: but it says Unauthorized. (the URL is with Public access) I guess I am doing it all wrong, any guidelines would be much appreciated (I am not a coder, although very much willing to understand how I can create a one-page HTML + CSS website with SOLID - but not the POD that are free, rather with a domain and a hosting I have :)) And lastL Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:


As you pointed out in the other thread, there appears to be some glitch in how the profiles are read. Try to go to a different URL in your public folder. Solid-ide can only be used on PODs, it does not read anything but Solid so will not be any help in your other domain. And happy holidays to you! :grinning:


Pull up Solid-ide click on options button, enter into the box that says and click log in, then via the popup window sign into your pod; then put in the box in the upper left corner and click go. Copy the source code from your website at and paste it into the home page of your pod using Solid-ide and click save edits, and there you have it. Make sure you sign out of Solid-ide when your done.


:slight_smile: I pasted the pesky :slight_smile: code here - through Solid-ide. So far so good. It is in the public folder. Was easier that doing it only thruogh Solid’s true but so raw :slight_smile: interface. Now I will be uploading folders. Can I do that through Solid-ide? I guess yes, (ref. * create new file or folder : click on the current folder’s icon)
START of a LOG and public diary of my experience :slight_smile:
Ok. I can do that:

Now I will create, within this folder, a css file, actually create a file and then paste the code from my file (I can’t find a way to directly upload a file…)

I will continue later :slight_smile: And I hope this works. But then maybe I will need to interlink a new all the internal links :frowning: That sounds a lot of staring at the black screen :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help!


No, sorry, there is no upload file or upload folder yet, very soon I hope. Looks good so far. Once you create your /public/Anothertest/images/ and /public/Anothertest/css/ folders and put the files in them, your links should work fine as is.


Thanks so much! I will ping you when this is done to show what happened :slight_smile: Gratitude again for bearing with me. And for creating this app, too.


After creating you folder, go back to public folder level higher.

The filesystem under public folder appears in the list on the right in the usual folder pane UI with the green +. You can select your folder and add files on the green +.


I can’t seem to add files, like uploading. But I will try again. Soon. Happy holidays, if I haven’t said that to you :slight_smile: