Tiddlywiki with Solid Pod storage


I made a tiddliwiki with uses a Solid Pod as storage for the tiddlers (notes and documents).
It can be tested here SolidTiddlyWiki.

It takes about 1 minute to initialise the syncing but works nicely after that.

As you will see it uses a solid-file-widget that is a reusable component.
Not on github for the time being, just a question of days

If Tiddly wiki can save content to SoLiD Pod

Nice! What’s the reason for the long initialization time?

If we could accomplish to add a JSON-LD context to the tiddler json files it would be even linked data.


I got an error


Fantastic! Good work! I’d love to get a peak at your solid-file-widget.


Don’t take the error in consideration just close it. It is part of the trying connections between tiddlywiki and the Solid Pod. I must try to return a no error in the callback to tiddlywiki and see what happens.
From my tests the long time taken to first sync seems on tiddlywiki side and may be related to the browserify and babel stuff or not ???

The RemoteStorage from which I take a very large inspiration as no lag time.


Actually on top of the tiddlers there is an index file and each tiddlers contains all elements from the index
I don’t know what should be the JSON-LD context of the tiddler document (text, image, audio, video, js code).

does it as to be in each file or a kind of turtle index file.
what to to describe the tags which make the tiddlers in relations.

As I said I’m inclined to think that the long time to initialize relates to the browserfy/babelify phase.
I don’t know anything about that and if I can avoid babelify with the solid-file-client.


Here is a new version of the SolidTiddllywiki,
checked on NSS 4.4.1, which solves 2 main problems :

  • the 60 seconds delay has finally vanished
  • the automation of the creation of the default ‘tiddlers’ folder and subfolder ‘wiki’

The needed folder /public/tiddlers is created and you can have multiple tiddlywiki, default is
main : /public/tiddlers/main.

It was quite a job to learn enough javascript, the use of Promise and find a way to use them sequentially (you need to use return <yourPromise> in the .then chain) (in my case solid-file-client Promises. Thank Jeff for your work)
To use github and local git and finally to publish on npmjs solid-file-widget.

It uses an improved version of solid-file-widget

Both apps are on github :

I am sure the code is not very clean.
I will be happy for all returns

If anyone is using the prior version it is fully compatible (no changes to the stored files).


Hi, I’ve rise some issue on your repo, it’s currently unable to use now.


I am preparing a new version of solidTiddlywiki that use turtle files to store the tiddler.
I would like some comment on the choices I made for the vocabularies and ontologies to convert the tiddlywiki’s references to RDF.

this.ontology = {
	"ex":"http://example.org/vocab#"  // "ex" is needed : used as default tiddlywiki ontology

this.prefix = "";
 ([key, value]) => {this.prefix = this.prefix+"\n@prefix "+key+": <"+value+"> ."}

// subject
this.subject = "\n\n<this>" ;
// tidlerKeys to turtle predicate
this.tiddlerKeys = {
	"draft.of":"ex:draft_of",          // dot not allowed in RDF vocab
	"draft.title":"ex:draft_title"}    // dot not allowed in RDF vocab


Examples of the tiddlers in RDF turtle can be seen at

Do not consider the index files.
I do not use them anymore. May be used on demand for performance.
There is an migration process from the previous .json format (with a migrate backup folder) in case anyone is using the app.