Try my new app : IDE & file manger for Solid

Great stuff, I will definitely need to check those out. At the moment I am concentrating my efforts on improving, documenting, and releasing the library behind my app. It’s currently called solid-auth-simple but I will be changing the name to solid-file-client and uploading to github this coming week.


Hello I like very much your app.

Here are 2 typing errors in samples/index.html

  • line 29 missing “</span”
  • line 39 "folder, " and not “folder ,”

The app is not working so well in Firefox
When you have a not authorized access you cannot use it any more.
It’s not only your app but it seems Firefox doen’t like solid pod authorization so much

Where “zeditor.js” comes from ? did you build it from scratch ?

Do you have Solside on github I did not find it ?
You don’t use your own file library is there any reason

I saw your solid-file-client in github and tested the browser-example

You should inform the Solid-forum and Solid chat about your file library

I installed your Solside app on my own Pod (docker installation on synology) with access to the data folder. How didi you do it on without direct access to the data folder.

And directly in mywebserver

Is this on Github? I’d like to give it a star.

Yep it’s here:


@bourgeoa - thanks for the corrections. Zeditor.js is mine but it is really only syntactic sugar on top of the Ace editor which is the merger of the online editor projects at Mozilla and AWS. Solside is not on github yet, I’ll upload it later this week. I wrote it, then improved and documented its guts in solid-file-client, now I need to reintegrate them so that Solside uses the new solid-file-client. As to how I installed Solside on - I self-referentially used Solside to install Solside :-). Just used the app itself to upload the files and set the index.html of my /public folder to be the app. @linonetwo and @dredd - thanks for your comments and please see above about Solside soon to be on github.


@bourgeoa - i had to log out and log back in for the save edits to work. (my popups were blocked too, but auto sign-in has worked fine since)

@jeffz - cheers! i uploaded the index.html and got stuck. (noob trap!) …have since posted about community/profile/card access to the public folder. :wink:

Drag & dropping to the green [ + ] works for all upload files, including ___.js files, (as you stated elsewhere, the default solid editor refuses to save ___.js files) …a bug?

@jeffz I see you are working back to Solside to inclure your library.
Could it be possible to include a largely expected improvement with the possibility to upload a local file.
I looked around and it seems that this could be the answer

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I love the ’ i use my app to install my app’ ->
That’s a great autosuffisant app :+1::blush:

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Ty very much.
That is the reason i made a account, to find a better way to manage my pod.

Excellent! Thank you. Coming along nicely isn’t it,