Solid-file-client - a library for Solid files & folders

Please test solid-file-client, a simple Javascript library for managing Solid files and folders. This provides a convenience wrapper around solid-auth-client with consistent error handling and coding shortcuts like createFolder(), updateFile(), fetchAndParse(). It works in the browser or in a node/require context, and, for reading, on a node command line. A first version is available at I would appreciate any and all feedback.


I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to play with this @jeffz but having worked in this area (hooking up file type APIs and backends including LDP in the b browser) for a while now it is great to see, so I am your first star on github. :slight_smile:

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I believe the limit has been reduced to 10 by the admin.

Solid-file-client looks very helpfull , i’m using it, trying to make a solside app like with #Polymer


Great! I’ll keep an eye on your project.

Hi, I’ve created some issue on your repo. If you’d like, I can do some refactor for you, so it’s easier to add test to it.

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Thanks much! I’ll look at your suggestions. I really appreciate your work on this.

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Here are my latest Polymer3 tests GitHub - scenaristeur/spoggy4
reusing @jeffz solside Solside - a simple IDE and file manager for Solid Data Stores & solid-file-client
(Polymer → @tag42git)


Super fantastic!

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@samg0 that looks really great! I’m excited to see your work progressing.

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Works great, though for some reason i get actual metadata (filesize, datestamp, explicit urls, …)

edit: Oh, the FolderMenu was blank, so that may have something to do with it.

Anyway, bravo, well done!! @Smag0

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To not pollute this Solid-file-client - a library for Solid files & folders topic,
everything about Spoggy4 can be discuss in this new [#Spoggy4 topic :sunglasses:] (Spoggy4 graph easy making and Reading)


@jeffz 1st minor bug issued on GH. :cowboy_hat_face: … (solid-ide)

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@jeffz : I’ve got a question about solid-file-client :
I use it for my shexy test Mocha Tests

but when a file is created by solid-file-client, I can’t edit it after, compared as when it create it via the data-browser, I can .

I want to create a basicPost.ttl

here is a file basicPost.ttl created by solid-file-client there is no < / > source icon as you can see

then i handmake a new file through data-browser and I copy the “data as N3” , (second icon) into this new file.

when I refresh, this last one has the “source edit icon” : </>

but not the first one . Do you know why ?
is this due to the lib ? the server or may I do something wrong ?

my source is here spoggy-simple/submit.js at 5f9a20f1baf85c6b39817ca9f1283226cd36e173 · scenaristeur/spoggy-simple · GitHub

with solid-file-clien-bundle spoggy-simple/shexy/mocha_browser/dist at master · scenaristeur/spoggy-simple · GitHub


This almost certainly has to do with the change in content-type policy with NSS 5.x. From now on, all file creation commands need to specify a content-type even if the type is text/turtle. So remove the .ttl extension in the file name and put in “text/turtle” as the third parameter to createFile() and it should work. Ping me back if it doesn’t. ^^ @Smag0


“Plus rapide que l’éclair” !

You are the master , that works !

Thanks :partying_face::ghost::metal:t2::+1:t2::ok_hand:t2::brain::pray:t2::handshake::confetti_ball::tada: