Spoggy4 graph easy making and Reading

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Continuing the discussion from Solid-file-client - a library for Solid files & folders:
As this more concern Spoggy4 GitHub - scenaristeur/spoggy4 than solid-file-client, i create this #Spoggy4 topic :sunglasses:


The functionnalities are the same as Spoggy ( if nothing appear, be patient and refresh after 15 seconds to awake the heroku free server that often ‘sleeps’ when not un use :sleepy:)

Some Spoggy4 tips :

  • double-click/double-tap on a node to open that one’s graph :wink:
  • type ‘/e’ command to export a json graph
  • type ‘/i’ command to import a json graph (not yet linked to solid’)
  • type ‘/t’ command to export as ‘ttl’
  • type ‘/n’ to create a new graph that you can édit with ‘Edit’ button.

(type commands without quote in the ‘3 mots, une virgule et Entrée’ = ‘3 words, a coma and Enter’ input just above graph)

Tuto Spoggy :

Based on the really fresh Progressive Web App Starter kit of the Polymer3 - project and webcomponents

Have fun and give me feedback or directly on github😊


Txs @dredd, for your feedback.

When you mention problem with metadata (filesize, datestamp, explicit urls, …), do you mean :

  • metadata must not appear
  • metadata must be optional (toggle show/hide)
  • metadata must be in another side graph
  • metadata must be in the same graph but with another color / shape and the link must be longer , so the metadata nodes would be ‘in peripheral’ and not pollute more pertinent informations.

About empty foldermenu:
I’ve seen this too… Is it empty even if you login ?

Hi @Smag0 , excuse the slow reply. I’m new to Polymer, OWL, RDF, SPARQL, P5js, etc, but i see from your GH repos that you’ve been working on this for a few years now.

We both seem to have a similar vision, so there’s much to discuss!

Mine started back before the internet became mainstream. A 3D collaborative web which at the time i dubbed “Natural Progression” (cos it evolves with use, as opposed to a static web). The rules for which need to be as simple as Conway’s Game of Life.

Interestingly, Conway’s game is mentioned in a list of scalability objectives presented here: Limbo: Scaling Software Collaboration

For example, ^that article^ mentions using Git with small diffs… a.k.a Limbo on the Cheap …but OT (operational transform) is a popular collaborative method used by GoogleWave, Disporia, Repl.it, et al.

Either way, ownership by creating or editing content needs to be recorded, and a weighting (invisible “mass”) given to both object and user. The spacial positioning of objects is likewise affected by both creators and viewers.

Navigation is another key topic. I like your Graphe demo! I had a go at in-place ACE editing in 3D some time ago; LiveCoder …(highlight specific code & Ctrl-I to run)

Metadata can help organize/categorize too, but should have on/off (hover=overlay) option.
Anyway, i’ll have another try tomorrow to see if the FolderMenu shows up.
It’s great to find a like-minded coder here so soon, and hopefully we can collaborate on a project that interests us both equally much. Cheers!


Superbe, j’aime beaucoup la connexion aux Pod Solid qui permet de visualiser le graph du Pod

Je n’arrive pas à importer/exporter un fichier.ttl sur/depuis mon Pod
La fonction n’est peut-être pas encore implantée

j’utlise ce lien https://spoggy.herokuapp.com

First you have to connect via the menu and ‘Solid connect’

Fr: Effectivement ,c’est en cours de dev : /t pour exporter au format turtle, puis bouton "exporter vers mon Pod’ ensuite le “browser” doit s’ouvrir, et tu dois pouvoir parcourir pour choisir la destination, le contenu du fichier créé se trouvant dans l’editor et le bouton "update file " pour envoyer. Pour vérifier, tu peux ouvrir la console js.

En: effectively, it’s on the run , but you Can use ‘/t’ to export as turtle, then click on “export vers mon PoD”, then thé browser must open and you Can choose the destination. The content of the file must be in the editor and the button “update file” must send it to your POD. Open the js console to see what happened.