🖥 LinkedPipes Application release v1.0

Hi all!

To anyone, who was following my previous post, I wanted to announce that the
initial v1.0 release of our LinkedData visualisation platform is ready.

The current limitation is the version of the node-solid-server that we support. Any provider with >5.x.x server version is not supported, therefore we host our own demo instance of node-solid-server running on older version v4 available here.

More details about the platform and the project is available at GitHub.

Documentation for:

  1. Lay users and beginners -> here (includes video tutorials)
  2. Developers interested in our frontend codebase -> here
  3. Developers interested in our backend codebase -> here

Any questions or feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


What’s the reason for not supporting NSS >5.x.x? Do you intend to implement support for it later?

(I think you’ve mentioned the reasons before, but can’t recall them now.)

@megoth there is a certain set of issues causing problems in managing .acl files and creating files/folders at the root folder of user’s pod. None of those were occurring on 4.x versions, therefore, we are currently awaiting for fixes on v5.x.

I am also tracking the status on the following issues to be resolved:

  1. https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server/issues/1246
  2. https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server/issues/1236
  3. https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server/issues/1245
  4. https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server/issues/1120
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The two of those I submitted (1245 & 1246) can be temporarily solved by doing all writes using a defined content-type and PUT. This avoids the file-extension naming problems with POST (which should be fixed soonish) and doesn’t trigger the error for lack of content-type (which is going to remain an error, so always use a content-type).

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