Solid-Node-Client 2.x now available

Solid-Node-Client 2.0.1 is now available. This library provides nodejs access to NSS-style and ESS-style Solid Pods and to your local file system and cloud storage backends treated as serverless pods.

The library may be used stand-alone, or may be combined with other libraries such as rdflib or solid-file-client . See details in the README and examples in the examples folder.

You can install from npm or download/clone the repo.

Here’s an example usage :

/* fetch & display a public resource
    then login, fetch & display a private resource
import { SolidNodeClient } from 'solid-node-client';
const client = new SolidNodeClient();

async function test(){
  let response = await client.fetch('');
  console.log(await response.text());
  let session = await client.login( getCredentials() ); 
  if( session.isLoggedIn ) {
    console.log (`logged in as <${session.webId}>`);
    response = await client.fetch('');
    console.log(await response.text())

I can’t fork this repository at this time.

@cerebrowang - What error occurs or what’s the problem?

@jeffz I have deleted a repository and do it again, it’s can not been forked.

That’s very odd. I suggest you contact github. You can also just use npm to install it and then run install and run build to have a complete working copy.