Pod Server

Recent improvements to Pod Server :

  • add a link in the page to gitlab/github to report issues and proposals.
  • automatic redirection from http to https

Gitlab has a wiki with a few sections :

Some pods have encountered problems due to regression or data corruption.
File issues related to these.

Github is still the place for general NSS issues.


Thanx @bourgeoa , you’re on it :slight_smile:

I take this opportunity to thank you again @bourgeoa for fixing my Pod! :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

This changes added into the main page would definitely help & guide the new users using Pod server.

Thxs @bourgeoa for mine :+1:

Thank @bourgeoa, it’s a real service to the community. And thanks Melvin Carvahlo and others who have gotten the site to where it is today.


Version 5.3.0 of node-solid-server has been published.
We upgraded our test server to version 5.3.0

It includes fix for slug/acl (v5.2.4) and support for a new token for solid.
documented in version change log :

Please report any problem, before we upgrade to 5.3.0

1 Like server has been upgraded to 5.4.0

here are some information :

FYI: new version of NSS (5.4) is now available. It’s mainly a mashlib update, so upgrade should hopefully be pretty straightforward. New cool features it introduces include desktop notifications from chat and Tim’s new Issue Tracker pane, I’ll send out the release notes when everybody has had a chance to update their servers. It also incudes an update on delete resource with write that does an atomic delete (deleting resource and auxillary resources acl and meta).

The new token implemented by NSS v5.3.0 is not working on
The old token is still working.
We are looking at the problem


A security review by Inrupt has uncovered a vulnerability in Node Solid Server (NSS) requiring a critical patch. Please see the Inrupt security advisories page for details and how to update ASAP: server and test server ( have been upgraded to v5.5.2

What’s new :

Please report any difficulties

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