Support & proposals for Pod Server


Hi all,

the Pod server at is managed by voluntary members of the community. In the past it was hard to reach someone to help out, e.g. if your Pod got broken / unaccessible.

From now on there is a group at gitlab where you can raise issues in case of problems and proposals.

Currently, the aims are:

It would be cool if in the long run becomes a real community managed Pod server. So if you can help out in any way managing the server or supporting the people that run Pods on it, please leave a comment.


I just want to thank the great efforts put on this. The people involved in their maintenance and contributing or just be alarmed as yesterday’s unplanned down. I’ve just checked the knowledge base & learned a lot from it! The work being done from the origin to the present is just simply awesome.

Also, I’d like to take the opportunity to ask about something I’ve not been able to find yet: When a user create a POD in how much is the quota space reserved? I’ve wondering about this for a while since I joined to ‘Solidverse’ and I consider this could me named somewhere.

Actually there’s no way to know about how many space quota left on your POD, and could be interesting to have some kind of % progress bar occupancy reflecting this on the NSS.

What’s your opinion on this?

Thanks in advance! :wink:


I’ve read that it is 25Mo limited.
Sure it would be usefull to the user to know the space left :+1:


Wow! JUST 25Mb :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: ?!

Anyone have tried to upload some file exceeding this quota? Does the NSS give any kind of error? Would be interesting to test it :slight_smile:


I made an app that allows the user to make some posts with picture, sound or vid. So I’ve rapibly encountered the limit…
No problem seen on that pod, the only thing I’ve seen is a console log error and no possibility to add more file. I’ve removed old files, and then could add more. But I’m not a specialist of Solid server


Thanks a lot for your inputs @Smag0 !

PS: ccongrats for your progress developing Solidarity! Just checked few minutes ago :slight_smile: Looks really nice!


You could recursively fetch each folder and check for the sum of all items. Maybe NSS calculates slightly differently, but it should roughly be the same.

When solid-file-client automatically adds the size property to the response of readFolder it should be easy to implement it with this library¹. I guess other libraries will also work.

1 - open issue for properties: