Looking for a POD provider suitable for storing large amount of data / real life application

I would like to create an application for users to share files with friends. Files would be mainly pictures and videos. This is to have a place for people to share content without being censored by a central authority, as it happens pretty a lot today on youtube and facebook.

So my main concern is that I would need to find a POD provider that allow for large quota size, and the 25Mb limit of inrupt is not enough…

Any clue if there is a POD provider that would provide this ?
Or am I left with creating my own POD server ?

Is it reliable enough to build such a large scale application on top of SOLID ?

Thank you for your help!

I think @ewingson is personally hosting a Pod server at https://solidweb.org/ with relatively high quota, though provided on a best-effort basis as long as it’s feasible, if I understand it correctly.

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If you read the Terms

Actually 100Mb, which is the only Provider that actually offers such a great quota.

The rest, afaik, only 25Mb

I think that that best approach (for a high quota) would be setup your own Pod Provider (NSS via docker or alike) and configure it to extend the quota.

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I recently set the quota down from 250MB to 100MB, just for the case (which sooner or later will happen) solid lifts off in users. providing the site for pure idealism purposes so makes it possible to serve 1000 PODs with 100MB each. @aveltens has a docker howto at https://github.com/angelo-v/docker-solid-server and solidproject.org has https://solidproject.org/for-developers/pod-server for public production servers. I must admit I do only one-man-support with best-knowledge but the solid.community-crew at https://gitlab.com/solid.community/support will help for sure, too


Thank you @ewingson for your server and support !
And for all the links for hosting pod servers
Yes @aveltens’s docker looks great !
@aveltens, do you think it can be possible with your docker setup to configure so that it is exposed not to localhost but publicly to the internet ? This way anyone could very easily host a pod server on their own machine ! The pod server would be available only when machine would be on, but this way we could have POD servers in kind of a peer-to-peer way. And we get to be fully decentralized! I assume that in this case a user who run a pod server on their local machine with the intend to only serve their own POD. It is a way to fully self host your data

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There is an “all-in-one” example in the repo, which includes an nginx and letsencrypt cert generation. But you still need a server that is publically available or setup something like dyndns if you want to use a machine in your home network.