Is it possible to upload images and videos to my POD

I am wondering if it is possible to upload images and videos to a POD ? I haven’t found how.

And if so : any size limitation on the inrupt provider ? Is it ok to use the inrupt provider in production or not recommended ?

Yes! At least AFAIK (& tried by myself) you can upload any type of multimedia content.

Images, music, photos…think a Pod it’s like your ‘own cloud storage’.

I´ll recommend not to use as ‘production’ and consider it as proof-of-concept so far. Limitatios & ‘bugs’ can be founded in NSS when upgrading from one version to a recent one, like recently occurred in Solid community from v5.2.3 to 5.2.4. (already fixed, but…you get the point what I want to aware you of ^^)

You can use this tool:

Or this one from @jeffz:

Also, regarding storage. actually AFAIK default cuota space of actual Pod Providers is just 25Mb, unless SolidWeb from @ewingson that is 100Mb as specified in its terms :wink:

Also, let me take the opportunity to talk about our WIP Pod application where also includes a Pod file management system (vizl edition and file download available so far) but we’ll including uploading and folders creation soon!

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Oh great, thanks @alexcorvis84 !
I tried the application of works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link to your app, looks great.

However for size limit for PODs is really low, even with 100Mb. Is there anyway to get more ? I don’t see 100Mb enough for real life applications… any way to have a profesional POD provider ?

Thank you

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The cuota space depends on hands of the Pod provider Admin…

Yes, a very low space, that’s why I also commented to see the state of the different Pod Providers as POCs…Not ready for ‘public consumption’ so far, and more focused on developers than final users.

Thanks for your comments! Please do share any issue future improvements or comments you’d like to see in our repo! :wink: It’s always great to receive feedback trying to enhance the UX/UI to a level never seen before so far!

To not be blocked with any provider, you could become one

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Yes @Smag0 … I wanted somehow to not do the hosting myself as it is a full time job on its own…

How easy though is it to set a POD provider server ?

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Furthermore: there’s available a docker container from @aveltens. that surely makes thing easier…

I’m a noob reg Docker, but afaik it eases ‘quick deployments’ :smile:

I am wondering if it is possible to upload images and videos to a POD

Yup. In the current data browser, in the old folder view, the green plus sign is you friend. Drag a file or files from your desktop onto it and it should be uploaded. Make sure the extension matches the file type.

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Yes, thank you @timbl, and I was capable too to upload using my own HTTP requests, pretty straightfoward indeed ! I Love it

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