Storage size of free pods


I’m currently trying to write a file manager for solid pods and while testing encountered a 413 - Payload too large response with the message “User has exceeded their storage quota”. This surprised me a little as I’ve only stored something between 20MB and 50MB (is there some way to look that up?).

So I am wondering if anybody here knows about the storage limitations of the Solid Pods suggested by inrupt, namely and This would also be of interest for other applications I consider using solid with.


Perhaps you could read the terms of your Pod provider to understand the storage limits?


As far as I can see, and as far as I can tell from running a Solid POD server of my own, the storage size when running a single POD on such a server would be limited only by the size of the hard drive, and the limits to the size of any uploaded file would be subject to the limits and configuration of my installed software.

However, if you are running a Solid POD server on someone else’s drive (e.g. a hosting company) then the size of the POD, and the size of any individual uploaded file, would be subject to whatever arbitory limits they impose.


Inrupts Terms of Service:

Inrupt provides free Solid POD storage limited to 25 megabytes.


Thank you for your quick responses, they answered my questions :grin:

In my use case (a music app) 25 MB will definitely limit the capabilities of it, but knowing the limit makes it much more comfortable.