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I’ve just created my first pod - SolidOS Web App - and I wonder how much data I am going to be allowed to upload. Presumably this is a policy of the pod provider (redpencil) but I cannot find where this information is published. I could just try to upload gigabytes of data, but that would be antisocial!


It looks like the URI is running an instance of the Node Solid Server. By default there is no quota supplied unless the server is configured with it. The file which contains the quota information is not publicly available.
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One of the owners/maintainers of redpencil is @ madnificent, so I would reach out to them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @gaz009 - so over to @madnificent for clarification.

@gaz009 @madnificent @immohuneke

I can clarify. is running Community Solid Server (CSS).
I sign responsible for the setup of the server and the index.html
it is running on docker and has a quota of 7 MB.

case we can improve or stabilize the instance, just reach out.
the repo is GitHub - serverproject-dev/rpio_index: Startpage for our Solid Server instance (rpio)
the index is

hope that helps.