Data restriction in Solid pods

Can I restrict the amount of data that can be stored in a pod in a self hosted Community Solid Server? For example, each pod in the server should be able to hold a maximum of 100 Mb of data only…

It can be done when using disk (file) storage. In particular you want to use the @css:config/quota-file.json config which limits the Pod size to 7mb; or you can create a similar config of your own where you can specify your own size in the limit amount field.

Thanks for the reply. Even if the default limit of pod is 7 Mb, I can store more data than that in the pod. Is it some sort of bug?

Possibly (alternatively I could just be misreading the max amount from the config) - I’d open an issue directly with the CSS team at Issues · CommunitySolidServer/CommunitySolidServer · GitHub to get a reply from them.

Also include steps to reproduce the behavior when you open the issue.