Statistics about the Solid Community

Does anyone know if there are any statistics about the Solid Community? For example, number of Solid Pods registered? I’m trying to pitch or give evidence that the community is growing, but I’m not too sure where to look for evidence to support this.

So far, I have taken a look at the user count on Solid Forum with 1611 users to date. Curious to see if there are any other statistics the community is keeping track of that shows community growth in recent years. Feel free to share any sources! :slight_smile:


@bourgeoa and @ewingson may have stats for the public pod servers. Another way to check is by github commits and npm downloads. I’m not sure matrix records are accessible but there are a number of very active chat rooms. The number of new meetups - Practitioners, UI/UX Team, CG special sessions. I’ll try to think of some other avenues.

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I’ll definitely take a look at npm, forgot about that. I have taken a look at Gitter, but was confused about the numbers as they vary quite a bit from group chat to group chat. But yes, the public pod server statistics would be the most helpful to build a case.

personally I am maintaining 3 pod providers, from which two can be considered community things.

on we have 3145 users.
on we have 573 users. (evaluated with a ls | wc -l in the pod directories.

maybe @bourgeoa can help with, but several years ago they were already 50.000+ (have no evidence for that)

to my best knowledge SolidOS Web App represents 18 working providers and 10 deprecated.

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Thanks @ewingson!

Some statistics for are available at servers · solid/ Wiki · GitHub
As of today there are 62209 accounts versus 61023 accounts about one year ago.

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We have:


Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks @Virginia

Thanks for the information @bourgeoa!

Absolutely, checking out npm is a great idea!