The current status of the SOLID community (survey)

Hey everyone,

I am working on a university project where we are researching around SOLID and creating SOLID applications.

Therefore we need your opinion to get a better understanding of the current status of SOLID and the SOLID community.

We would be pleased if you can fill out our survey (takes less than 5 minutes).

Off course we will showcase the result and keep you updated. :slight_smile:


Hi Lukas, I’m James. Just wondering whether you happened to notice on the post immediately above your in the Introduce Yourself thread, travtro commented “Trying to break away from the Facebooks - Linkins - Googles etc etc”. I feel exactly the same way and would never permit g00gle to put scripting on any of my machines and if utterly unavoidable I go down and use one at the library. Isn’t this much of the whole point of SOLID?

It wouldn’t surprise me, therefore, if in assessing responses submitted to a g00gle form, you’re going to have a very skewed analysis. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to ask your questions on this thread and allow us all to interpret for ourselves the replies?