Solid Netherlands

Are you working on Solid and based in the Netherlands?

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iā€™m very bad at social media. constrcutive criticism is greatly appreciated. eg: did i reply to the correct post and did i post my post/asnwer (how do you call this) in the right category?

little introduction: jeroen van beele, mathematician, sas-programmer, usually working for a bank / credit risk department. enthousiastic about our new economy, currently writing a booklet about that. i believe SOLID can be a fundamental ingredient of the systems supporting our new economy.

to learn SOLID i started SOLID amsterdam, we have had 2 meetings at the VU sofar.

now i want to get started programming in SOLID myself. so if you are in the vicinity of amsterdam and would like to work together, please step forward.

first stop: what am i / are we going to program? first idea: maybe too far out, but still: how can we make platform economies into a commons in the municipality of amsterdam? so i am thinking of making a SOLID based standard (ontology) and invite apps on top of that to offer services like,, foodora etc. or maybe a privacy proof corona tracker.


@jaxoncreed might have some input on data shapes and there are some people at Open University working on immunity passports that may be good to connect with too.

There is some activity in the Netherlands to make a beer rating app on Solid. Maybe a model for other social and rating apps.