Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board


Hi, I wanted to start this thread as a place to introduce yourself. I’ll break the ice and start myself.

I’m Mitzi László the communications manager of inrupt and am here to support you in this solid forum. I used to work as a neuroscientist for a Brazilian epidemiology study funded by the Wellcome Trust. My focus was to design experiments to understand the mechanisms driving decision making. My frustration at not being able to access big data for public health and the application of my study being used mainly to drive the attention/ manipulation economy led me to data ethics. I worked in many positions in the field of personal data control from starting a foundation to make digital rights convenient to working as a data broker for a bank to working as an ethicist for the European Commission to audit research proposals. You can more on my profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitzilaszlo/

Most importantly, I am here to support you along your journey to using Solid. Please do reach out to me. I really appreciate hearing your feedback especially around hurdles you are hitting along the way so I can gradually improve the experience for you.

Looking forward to hearing your introductions here.


Excellent idea, @MitziLaszlo.

I’m Gideon Rosenblatt. I spent about nine years in marketing and product development at Microsoft in the 90s (CD-ROM encyclopedias and large-scale consumer web services). I then ran a mission-driven technology consulting firm that built CRM databases, CMS-backed websites, and online advocacy tools for hundreds of environmental organizations across North America. These days, I am focused on writing about the impact that artificial intelligence, automation, and decentralized technologies are having on work, society, and the human experience.

I am really excited about the potential impact of Solid and am particularly interested in using it to rescue a bunch of stranded Google+ users right now.


I’m a linguist who is not very good at marketing himself and got tired of trying to sound like a hot innovative innovation in today’s job market, so now I spend most of my time on a small island in the Gulf of Finland fishing, hunting and taking care of a few chickens. I have electricity since a few years back and a decent wireless internet connection. GNU/Linux has mostly been a hobby of mine for 20 years, but I’m also glad I have a real working computer out here. :slight_smile:

I’ve been following the Safe Network project for some time and I see great potential for a symbiosis between SAFE and SOLID.



I’m Christian Buggedei, currently working in Product Management for an online advertising startup in Berlin, Germany. I am online in one form or the other since the mid-90s.

But I’ve also been an activist for privacy, argued politically at length about the question on how the interests of content creators and those who consume the content can and should be weighed against each other, have run various small scale online communities, fan conventions and am generally busy with all things involving online communications.

Today, I am deeply interested in having a decentralised, advertising-free privacy-aware social media platform that respects the skill level and needs of power users, grandfathers, millennials and congresspersons alike. And I am convinced that this isn’t just a technical but also very much an organisational and social challenge.

Solid is an exciting idea because it is a big step towards normalising the notion again that one should own and control ones own data.


I’m an old coder who lost his job in the tech bust of 2001, and since then have done various things to get by while having my eyes opened to other parts of a mostly struggling world of working people. I still do some programming and lately dabble at writing JavaScript with a focus on Solid and linked data as a hobby. I always have a lot more ideas than I can carry out, but if I can focus on something then I still enjoy writing code. I worked on coding a polymer app for solid a year or two ago (it’s at https://gitlab.com/tag42git/polymer-solid) but at that time I had no idea how big a thing Solid would become.


Hi, I have a background as a developer and as a journalist and I’m very curious what kind of apps people will develop around Solid and how they are founded. I’m starting to play around with the code and at the back of my mind I have an idea solid might be great for.


Hi everyone, I’m a software engineer, I’m part of the SAFE Network community and helping MaidSafe, working towards having APIs which can help developers and users to adopt RDF and linked data for their applications. I see the SAFE Network as an excellent option for SOLID PODs and decentralised identities (like WebIDs), and several other aspects. I’m looking forward to see how both projects can complement each other in this journey of decentralising the internet and web.


I’m Maya, a software developer frustrated with my colleague’s acceptance of the reality that we must follow the lead of companies who make walled gardens of the Internet. And on top of that, also be expected to be excited about it.

We must do better. We cannot lose the Internet as the most precious repository of human knowledge and instantaneous communication to those who would rather make a quick buck.

Decentralization is the key to it, in my opinion. I’m here to support Solid and do all I can with my various skills to improve it. I look forward to working with everyone and adjusting my own mentality from centralized towards decentralized application design.


Hi I’m Jeff Zucker, a semi-retired software developer, writer, and cultural anthropologist. For me, the central issue of computing is ensuring that knowledge is available to all, including the most marginalized. I worked on that issue in the fields of medical informatics and international human rights, providing policy consulting, building websites and software for Columbia University, five branches of the UN and dozens of NGOs working on climate change, anti-racism, reproductive rights, and other issues that are important to me. Somewhere along the way I created a bunch of open source perl modules, now maintained by others. I am excited about Solid both from a love of its semantic underpinnings and from a strong interest in seeing a world in which knowledge can be accessed and created by those who need it most. I’ve started to create a few Solid apps and libraries so please keep an eye on the Apps Testing category and send me feedback. An old alt.hypertext guy, I voted yes on the CFV for the creation of comp.infosystems.www and my life hasn’t been the same since. It could happen again!


There are probably a million or so people living today whose given names, shortened, sound just like mine. Originally just a username, filsmyth has become my identity.

Though my main focus is automotive design, the mind races… I tend to extrapolate and attempt to sort of backwards-engineer the future. Currently there is an unfinished draft on my new blog (created after the g+ sunset revelation) about global guaranteed income — what most refer to as universal or unconditional basic income (UBI).

My non-governmental solution for ggi involves holochain, distributed networks and secure facial recognition. Users will operate their own micronodes, from which they will interact with the larger world in every aspect. As each of us has a subdermal vein pattern more unique than a fingerprint, near-infrared cameras and spoof-proofed FR software will soon have all of us needing only our faces as positive identification.

No more cards.

And soon, no more physical currency. The autonomous system I’ve envisioned charges a very small, more-than-competitive fee on each monetary transaction, in any and all legacy currencies. Then it turns around and shares profits with each individual human user.

There are many more details to this elaborate daydream, but I’ve already gone on too long.

Anyway, suffice to say I have become very interested in distributed networks, individual digital security, and machine intelligence.


@jeffz, just now I happened to reacquaint myself with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, several articles of which are regularly violated by member states, seven decades after the Declaration was released. Let’s hope it doesn’t take a full century for us to uphold these rights for everyone on Earth… I get the feeling that this project could be an important step in achieving that goal.


Hey there! I am Teodora and I am a content writer very much intrigued by the Semantic Web. I love love seeing the project Solid taking off, and as code unsavvy I am, am doing my best to learn more about Linked data in action. The reason I am so into computer code is because I see it as a yet another factor broadening textuality - another favourite theme of mine. :slight_smile: Looking forward to help with what I can so that we can build the Web of People together!
There are cool intros to cool people here at the forum too - Just saying hello.


Hello everyone.

I’m Jim, and I’m a User Experience designer working on the SAFE Network, which will have linked data at its core.

There are plenty of fascinating and complex design problems to be solved when you give humans back control of all their data, and make it portable. That’s I’m privileged to be working.

Look forward to contributing,


Hello, thanks for having me here, I hope this will be a better community for businesses and social networks


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Hi I am developer interested in solid ecosystem.Let me know where to begin exactly so that it will be helpful for my startup business (www.avrhil.com).Suggest me the beginning of development


Hello, my name is Rob Drake. I find programming a wonderful hobby, as I can engage my brain. Right now I’m living in a nursing home, everything from my naval up works fine, just not below my naval. I may not be at the same level of skill as the rest of you, but I keep learning, maybe I’ll publish something useful.


Have you seen Some basic resources for newcomers? https://solid.inrupt.com/docs is also a great resource to start with.


I am a believer in Solid and I am here to help out with what ever I can on my free time. 20 years in the IT area as Entrepreneur, Consultant and now Head of Front-end, Design & UX.

I love Front-end development and everything around it. USER FIRST is my approach, so I do Personas, User Tests, and so on.

I hope to help out with creating a better user experience and to develop som awesome Solid apps to the community.

I just registered on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me there: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardo-ibacache-rodriguez-707117172/



Hi everyone :wave:, I’m Jessica. I found out about Solid through Pinboard.in’s popular feed which I lurk through frequently just to see what the technology sector is talking about. I’ve been teaching myself programming for about three years now, which hasn’t been all that hard having had worked with the PHP/MySQL in open source software like WordPress and PhpBB in the past, but I’ve had to unlearn a lot of the old ways I used to handle HTML/CSS and even this whole concept of frameworks/bundling and management through the terminal. I guess I should be happy that I’m only 29 and am still open to new ideas though!

Compared to a lot of the new technologies being worked on right now, Solid has a ahem solid purpose to what it’s going to do for the world wide web in the long term, and has a decent first app walkthrough, along with explanations of linked data and how to work with it. I have made very good progress on making an app that fetches and updates with rdflib, and have even come up with my own namespaces I’m using along with the common ones. And pretty much any problem I’ve had so far has been easily solved by looking through a library’s source code as well as some of the apps that other people are working on and existing RDF guides.

Really am benefiting from a lot of the posts here so far as well. So thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the discussions so far. I don’t doubt with more polish and a few breakthrough apps that Solid wouldn’t take off, there’s so much wanting of alternatives and new ideas at the moment with everything going on off and online.