Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

Hello Everyone! I am a semi-retired scientist specializing in physics of magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere, principally at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in the USA. I now live on a working farm in Costa Rica. I am now involved in the ThreeFold global movement to establish a neutral, green, completely decentralized grid of internet compute and storage capacity (see threefold.io). With this involvement I have encountered SOLID, and being that ThreeFold and SOLID share similar philosophy regarding the current status of the internet and what needs to be done about it, I thought it best to make connections to see how we could work together toward our common goals.


Hello Guys, I’m a brazilian professor on Ccomputer Science field. I finished my PhD one year ago and the theme was Securing Authentication Frameworks (applied for OpenID). I’m so impressed with this initiative and would like to contribute and do some research with the platform. I would be pleased to talk with everyone interested on some technical work.



Greetings to all. I am Elizabeth and my nom de plume is Herald.
I am intrigued and excited to be here.
I aspire to be a bona fide resident Water Maven in this unfurling community of innovators.

[Loving Waters]


@Sascha I love the sea as I love my Mother.


Hello, I’m Conor Muldoon, a Research Scientist from University College Dublin with research interests in Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, and Sensor Networks. I’m interested in developing a decentralised recommender system for news and online content using Solid. Last week I submitted a proposal for the SFI Future Innovator Prize (http://www.sfi.ie/funding/funding-calls/future-innovator-prize/) to potentially obtain funding to develop the system.


Hi, Hashir Rizwan here from Technical University of Chemnitz (https://www.tu-chemnitz.de), Germany. Currently pursuing Masters in Web Engineering with interest towards advance management of data. I am also working as a data analyst at PRISMA European Gas Capacity GmbH (https://corporate.prisma-capacity.eu/).

I have started a research project at my university in SOLID along with my team (https://wefourc.com/). We have a diverse skill set in our team, so working on any specific problem within SOLID would not be a problem for us. And obviously, a very energetic team who are always eager to learn something new.

We are currently building demos on SOLID and looking forward to solve real world problems.
Also, we want to be a part of SOLID community world-wide by leading community development efforts in Germany.

Other than that, big Liverpool F.C fan (Yes we should win the league this around) and a traveler.Looking forward to travel to Norway next!

If you have any ideas what could we do with SOLID do not hesitate to drop me a message here, or on hashir.rizwan@outlook.com.



Hello everyone, Shoaib Sarfraz here from Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany. Currently, I am doing Masters in Web engineering.
I am highly impressed by the SOLID idea and would like to contribute to this community.
Please feel free to write me on shoaib.sarfraz@ymail.com


Hi. My name is Richard and I have just bought a second hand netbook for all of £5.00 because I don’t want to do anything that may screw up my usual laptop.

Got the netbook because I intend to install Linux on it, then install a Solid Pod Server, then create my own POD, then try my hand at my first App. In due course I’ll let you know how I get on.

That may take a while because I’m new to Linux so will have to get used to using command line. Not sure yet even what distro I’m going to install, or which would be the easiest for a newby to get to grips with. Newby in terms of Linux that is, I’m an oldy in terms of years and in mid 70’s.

This is my project for next year, starting now.


Welcome to the free world. :slight_smile: You don’t really have to use the command line (that some people find scary) for everyday things on modern Linux distros. I recommend you install Linux Mint. It is a very friendly distro and everything “just works” on a normal machine.

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the command line is too instant gratification. Learn to organize and comeback to previous work with scripts that run the command line for you

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Hi, I am Nashib ul Khamash, I have few years of experience in Web development, currently doing Master in Web engineering from TU Chemnitz , Germany and doing a job as a software developer in Schaeffler digital solutions gmbh.
After reading about SOLID and about thought behind it, I am really interested to work on it. I also have a project from university on SOLID (www.wefourc.com).
I am here for some brainstorming and get some ideas, I am looking forward to participate in the discussion and come up with nice solution to existing problems.
I am reachable by engg.nashib@gmail.com



HI, I’m Keith Poole, I’m a cloud engineer and developer of many years vintage. I’m interested in solid because I think that personal data should belong to the individual and not various companies


Enzo Matrix is a pseudonym and a tribute to ReBoot, a fantastic but completely outdated CGI-animated action-adventure TV series from the nineties.

I want to try this technology because I spend the last ten years developing a decentralised network based on semantics which has an 80% overlap with SOLID. I am also interested in [Matrix] : an open network for secure, decentralized communication

In my scarce spare time, I am learning to develop minimalistic Progressive Web Apps.


Hi, SheezBro here…From the UK…1 wife, 3 dogs :slight_smile:

Really love the idea of “SOLID” which I discovered in an online publication.

I love to write and market…would be happy getting involved in that side of things.

I don’t code at all so feeling a bit lost right now lol.

Will there be a “SOLID” for the layman and the general public/consumers/normies? Who knows, it’s exciting times.

I really want to meet Noel Edmonds irl

Peace, love, and best wishes to all…Nameste people!!



I’m Robert. I’m a construction worker who works internationally. I’ve worked in carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, and as a foreman. For several years, I tried without success to find someone to code a dynamic website idea I had. Now, I’m tired of being away from my family so I have been reading “Head First” books and taking free online courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. I find creating a website to be surprisingly similar to constructing a building. Much as learning a second trade is fairly simple after learning the first, learning a second computer language is easier after learning the first and actually leads to a greater understanding of the first.

I am interested in politics, cultures, archaeology, economics, history, futurism, and I’m a treasure hunting nut. My specific interest in Solid comes about for several reasons: A. The huge need for web security. B. Transportability of information and the threat that poses to the Googles and Facebooks of the world. C. The academic study of the pros and cons of linked data–i.e. the potential for linked data to be abused in a “social credit” system like the one currently in use in China. D. I am thinking of building Solid compatibility into my web app. E. What will the web look like in 5 to 10 years; how does that mesh with cryptocurrencies; and what are the roles of Solid and SAFE in that–especially vis a vis Safecoin and the proof of stake model.

I’m not nearly as knowledgeable about computer architecture and web development as most of you are, but that’s why I’m here. I’m a quick study. I hope to learn a lot from all of you.

In addition and as an aside, I’m a proponent of The Pickens Plan for moving semis, buses, taxis, and eventually all of our cars off of octane gasoline and onto methane natural gas for environmental, economic, and geopolitical reasons. Also, I am a proponent of the idea that the US government should issue a gold-backed cryptocurrency which would reinstate the gold standard thus de-risking the economy and stabilizing interest rates. It would also provide a low transaction cost currency suitable for a 21st century digital economy that would actually act as a measure of value rather than as a speculative investment.


Hello everyone,

I am Frank, 19 years old and currently combining a job as webdesigner with an education at the Dutch academy for Communication and User Interaction. Earlier this year I started to get annoyed by using mobile devices because of several factors. One of them is seeing all the tricks and tactics which tech companies use to get you ‘addicted’ to using their applications. Realising they have way to much power. Resulting in a bad user experience.

After some research, giving the internet back to the people seemed to be a start to solve many of the problems I see with operating systems. Then I came up on SOLID, I got very excited. And created a POD.

The system is amazing but then I realized, how are we going to get people to manage their own data in a responsible way? How are we going to get people to control their data at all? Most of the people don’t even care if their online identity is being used for other purposes because ‘‘they have no secrets’’.

That’s the challenge I am working on right now (I have the freedom to work 6 months on a tech related project). I’ve made some progress design-wise. If people are interested in this project I would like to tell more about it. And please feel free to give your input on this design challenge, it is always helpfull to see things from the perspective of other people.

I also have a website www.frankroodnat.nl (not featuring this project yet).

Have a nice day!


Hi everyone. I’m Laine and am currently working for federal govt. in the US. I’m a technical project manager at the moment, but spend my personal time playing with code to keep my skills fresh and because I miss the immediate gratification of developing :slight_smile:

I am very interested in the problem of data ownership/privacy in general and also open data in science/AI.


Hello, I am Margaret Warren.
I’ve been an artist, technologist and entrepreneur for pretty much all of my life. You can see more of my art at: http://www.margaretwarren.us . I’ve long been a semantic web/linked data enthusiast and I created ImageSnippets (http://www.imagesnippets.com) for managing and sharing images with linked data. My art galleries on my site were created using SPARQL queries generated by a WordPress plug in and contain all RDFa and JSON-LD describing the image.

I’m curious about how ImageSnippets might interface with Solid. I am very much behind the concept of data ownership; decentralized and open data.

The idea behind ImageSnippets, is that it is NOT a data/image silo. You can import Flickr albums (links) and URLs of images from any web resource view for managing the metadata that is openly published with the desired creator rights for the image asserted in the data along with ‘triple tags’…that turn ‘keywords’ into entities with URI’s related to the image with properties.

Just today, creating a Solid account and playing with the interface for the first time.


I am Frank van Noorden, since 1980 experienced in programming, design, architecture, application/system/cloud administration. Currently working for an IBM partner specialized in Integration Technology.

Always interested in ways to improve security and privacy of Internet related applications and devices.

I hope to help out with my in-depth knowledge of Linux, computer languages, scripting languages, deploy methods, security and privacy.

My personal hobby is programming, I will also develop a few Solid apps, just out of curiosity.


Hi, I’m Angelo :slight_smile:

I am really excited to see the solid project emerging. I was working and experimenting with linked data a lot during my studying of computer science and after that. Especially the idea of building a “Social Web of Data” got me since then and I did some prototyping arround that. See my “oldish” - and german only, sorry - blog if you want to know more: https://datenwissen.de

I am really happy that with solid there is a new momentum for those topics and I am keen to contribute and work together with the community.