Hello from Jerry Power

Hello everyone. I am new to the Solid Forum and absolutely support the objectives of the Forum. I am one of the founders of the I3 Consortium (i3.usc.edu). The consortium has created some opensource software has a similar objective except that it is targeted to giving IOT device owners control of the data that comes from their devices. V1 of the software has been released and supports trust negotiations that have to occur between the device owners that publish data and applications subscribers. Also setting up a startup targeted to provide services to these complex, but networks that treat data as an infrastructure component.


Jerry, welcome to Solid! There is much overlap between Solid and various IOT projects and it will be great to have you involved. Possibly one of the best places for you to connect with those with most interest/knowledge in the overlap would be the Interoperability Panel which aims to connect in related projects. I’ve recently been involved with a group working on smart cities and they have interests in both IOT and data privacy so that is one area of possible joint undertakings.