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I’ve been considering using Solid for collecting and storing Drone data. There is an interesting paper on CoAP-LDP integration that I was thinking of trying as a test project using one of our drones equipped with a CO_2 sensor. I was thinking of W3C SOSA for the sensor-observations and the Trajectory ODP for the drone trajectory.

That’s exactly what triggered my interest in solid, in particular for wearable data. Not a web developer so I need to figure out how start developing on solid. Any hint on how to start? Thanks

Any hint on how to start?

Have you read this post?

It seems to give a pretty good entry point for getting started :smile:


Yes, our team has looked at giving a ‘thing’ a Solid pod, so it can interface with other things, applications, people, and organizations. But it would need some common way to communicate meaning. We use the Common Core Ontology for that. See our recent contribution to Solid at Common Core Ontology with Linked Data

We’d be happy to collaborate with others on a demo. Let us know if you have a use case.