Using Solid to power a "community hub" website - does this fit the Solid use case?

Hi all, I’m investigating Solid as a potential tool for the following:

A platform that provides websites for virtual research groups, where members contribute data, articles and media about a particular topic, which are then available to the public.

We don’t want to tie ourselves to a particular data backend, and it seems Solid might provide a useful solution for this.

An individual site would be represented by a Group or Organisation webid, and data would be stored on the Pod for that ID - including settings like site name and theme settings. Members would be able to log in with their own webid’s and write data to the organisation’s Pod.

Does this sound like a sensible way to use Solid?


Definetly a good use case! Just do not expect a production-ready solution yet. You need the will to experiment.

Welcome to the Solid community by the way. After registering a Pod / WebId you might want to join the Solid Welcome Group at

Solid Groups is an early stage app I am building to enable people to organize themselves similar to what you describe on group pods.

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Thanks, I’m aware that it’s going to be hard work but I think it will pay off. If I can get a proof of concept for our project we’re hoping to attract funding for further development.

That said I’m stumbling at an early hurdle:

I have a pod on and I’ve been trying to test updating my profile. I’ve got a OIDC auth token in my Authorization header but my PATCH requests are being denied. Any pointers or docs around? I haven’t seen anything on how to use an auth token in solid pod requests so it’s a bit of guess work at the moment.

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I haven’t fully understood what you intend to build, but I know we developed based on (Solid). Might be worth checking.

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