Source Code/Developer Guide


I think Solid is a great project, but the main thing that I think could improve from the developer aspect is having a straightforward center to everything developers might need, like,. because I personally am having difficulties sifting through all of the GitHub repos.

Great work so far though!


Hey Dylan!

Have you checked out the portal at


Hi @justin inrupt portal is full or errors and incomplet


Which developer? Of solid itself? Or external/applying developer?

What do you want to develop?


Hi Justin,

Yes, I have checked it out. I think the main difference that threw me off at first is that Solid isn’t always accessed as a library, where when using something like Bootstrap(a completely different scenario by the way), the user goes to their website and sees all of the different options available in the code library.

I was just wondering if there is something like that for Solid, but it seems like right now it is not interacted with like you would a library, since a pod is something that each user owns themselves.

I guess the main thing I’m trying to ask is where I can find the root of the project(like the source code for Solid pods and the design behind it).

Thanks again!


In the future, I’d definitely like to contribute to Solid open source, especially the design of the Solid pod interface.

Right now, I’m working on an app where I’m trying to store data in the user’s pod as opposed to a conventional database.


What i ‘ve found is that :
Form a webapps, To interact with Solid’ POD , you 'll need to authenticate you user with solid.auth()
. This one has a tracker that , which on résolve Can get the webid of the user. Then using rdflibjs,
you got the $rdf.graph() which give you a local temporary store.
rdfjs gives you a ‘Fletcher’ too to read and write data to users POD.

For the actuel ui take a look AT mashlib which is based on solid-ui

A good process if what on app have to do Can bé found in this signin file


I can relate to @dylan at here, what he meant was a centralised guide to develop solid based apps.
The is just some basic information and for the most part errorenous. I have encountered errors while trying to folloe the guide. Also, it is nothing more than a bird’s eye view, you won’t understand it, if you haven’t read here or there on Solid repo’s.

Also, this particular guide on a major part favors Angular, a dying Javascript framework, when there are options like React & Vue. It would not be a problem if it was pure Javascript, but it can still be followed if you can get a hint from it. Also, for someone like who doesn’t even favors jQuery, it was a pain.


Without knowing what you want to build these are the starting places:

If you need solid pod’s as usb sticks you only need the Fetch of solid-auth-client. If you are working thru social media linkage and organizing such flow you’ll need more of the rdflib.js (after getting the WebId with solid-auth-client) fetch, store and update manager and know a lot more about rdf and using this lib.

For the rest of your app it is up to you what client side API’s you want to use depending on what browser(s) you want to support. Writing client middleware makes the decision tougher.

For my use the jstree is a no brainer for the interface to POD-as-a-usb-stick view/modifier.

There are nearly a 100 enhancements/bug fixes not in master branch yet or in a release but are steaming along

so treat it fully as a development world; have a way to start from fresh install and load up with test data and files to your point of development