I’ve registered my pod and now I don’t know what to do…


TL;DR: Solid is still a prototype, so not really ready for mass consumption by non-developers. That being said, if you want to explore what you can do today, check out solid.inrupt.com/docs, node-solid-server (for setting up your own server), Solid Hacks, and r/solid. Or explore this forum or visit gitter.im/solid/chat if you just wanna have a chat :slight_smile:

Congratulations on getting a Solid POD!

Solid is still a prototype, so the features are hidden for most to see, so we ask for your patience a while yet. Here is the core features that we are building this technology on:

  1. You own your data, and
  2. Apps and data are separated by design, meaning that an app can reuse data created by another app

We want to achieve this by creating free open-source software for and with the community, built upon standards that are open and free for all. Driven by this mindset we opted for the development philosophy of “release early, release often”.

This means that the technology is not ready for mass consumption by the public yet. It also means that the user interface was not ready to convey all that we wanted to convey for the first waves of people, or facilitate a good user experience. We are working on this right now!

Now, if you’re a developer (or just someone who wants to learn more about the technologies) that wants to learn more about the technology, solid.inrupt.com/docs is great place to start! You can also jump into setting up your own server, which is a core functionality of the technology (i.e. you or someone you trust being able to host your own server). There is also a great gitbook called Solid Hacks that has a lot of interesting guides for you to explore. If you’re into Reddit you can also check out r/solid that posts some great resources when they pop up. And of course there is always this forum and gitter.im/solid/chat if you just wanna have a chat about the technology :slight_smile:

Projects or scenarios for Solid and IoT?
Promote this forum to newcomers more intensively

Hi Megoth,
I am trying to build applications on top of Solid.
I am curious, do you know by when we can expect solid to be ready for mass adoption?



@anushajain2 Great that you are building applications, which ones are you focusing on? At the moment the focus is to build a healthy ecosystem of applications.