Creating a Solid App

Hello Everyone,
I am new to solid development, and I have no programming or software development experience whatsoever. I am working on a class project where I have to create solid pods using pod providers, running my own pod server and creating a solid application. I have been able to create a pod on inrupt PodSpaces, but I have been having challenges hosting my own pod server and building a Solid application. Is there an available tutorial that explains the steps required to achieve the above?


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Hey, I hope this doesn’t sound discouraging but if you don’t have any programming experience I wouldn’t start with Solid :/. Specially not self-hosting a POD.

I’m not sure if the scope of that class project is something you came up with or it’s an assignment, but it does look too ambitious. Before getting into any of that, I would suggest getting familiar with web development in general.

Having said that, if you still want to get into it there is a list of hello world applications and tutorials that could come in handy: (“hello world” is a term used in programming for applications that are very simple and serve as an introduction to a language or technology).


Running your own pod should be fairly easy using the Community Solid Server - just npm it and follow the README instructions.

I second @NoelDeMartin’s suggestion to look at the Hello-World sample apps and or some of the tutorials on the Inrupt site.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will start with the recommended tutorial and see how far I can push it,


Noted. Thanks a lot for your advice.