How does one learn Solid?

I’ve been through and the learning materials for developers seem rather thin. There’s the equivalent of a Hello World tutorial, some explanation of vocabularies, and a list of various libraries and toy apps.

I guess my question is what path some of the more experienced Solid folks have taken to forming a deeper understanding of Solid? Given what I’ve learned thus far I think I’d struggle to create a toy app in Solid, much less a more complex, production-ready app. Are there other learning materials out there that I’m missing?

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Hi there, welcome to the Solid community :).

I think the struggle with this type of question is that Solid can be used in a million ways, so the way forward really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. In a way, you can see Solid as a database (although it’s more than that). But in the same way that a MySQL database can be used for many use-cases, so can Solid.

So let me ask you, what are you trying to achieve? Do you have any idea in mind, or you just want to learn more because you find it interesting?

Personally, the way I’ve learned Solid is reading the specs and asking particular questions when I wasn’t sure how to do something. For the most part, I’ve been building Solid apps the same way I would build any other app. Just with a different data layer, but learning the basic CRUD operations should be enough to get started.

Let me also share this list of Hello Worlds, which maybe you haven’t seen: Solid Hello Worlds

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+1 to what @rpb is saying. As an idea, Solid seems great and I would love to get cracking and see if I could migrate some of the work we are doing with Web 2.0 apps to solid.

Unfortunately the documentation is a bit sparce and most of the showcase apps don’t seem to work as they are intended. And since I’m new to the ecosystem there is no way to debug what’s wrong.

Maybe there can be a start with simple things. Like a simple video on how to setup a Pod for regular use for production and for a dev environment? Probably a recommended way to setup your profile card once your pod is up and running. Maybe a few community leaders you can reach out to on liquid chat when you first join. Happy to throw my hat in the ring for doing some of this stuff if I can learn it first

Hei @rpb
I tried to collect some useful tutorials and example here: