Looking for a teacher to learn programming solid apps


I am looking for a teacher who supports me to learn develop solid apps with react.js and also to develop data structures with rdf in the pod. 1 to 2 hours a week would be a good start.

Greetings Thomas

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If there is an interest to form a group to learn and share resources , or looking for accountability partners , I am in . One of this year‘s plan is to spend 1 to 2 hours everyday to learn solid . If some experienced members could share a rough roadmap or learning path , that would be super helpful .

I don’t know of any public courses or people offering to teach. I know we’ve training that we use with customers/partners at Inrupt, but it’s not open to the public at this time.

I know @Virginia has a bit of a tutorial, and there’s also the Inrupt SDK guides. I’d strongly suggest learning the new react-router and how it’s data loaders and actions work, as those, I think, will fit very naturally with how to work with Solid (much better than say next.js or redux).

I do need to eventually find time to document good practices for building data driven apps (such as the transformer / marshalling pattern), but I’ve not had time to do that yet.

Also, just for what it’s worth, you can also use Angular or Vue to build apps, we just haven’t written a binding for those to @inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser yet (someone did share an angular project on the forum a while back that had pretty decent bindings).

As for @inrupt/solid-ui-react, I’d personally not recommend depending on the UI components too much, as it’s far more efficient to do data loading at router level, and gives a better user experience.

The SessionProvider also has a currently known issue where it will render in an indeterminate state, we have it on our backlog to fix, but you can mitigate by wrapping your app in a guard like that found in PodBrowser’s code, if it becomes a problem for you: pod-browser/src/authentication at main · inrupt/pod-browser · GitHub (this will eventually move into the react SDK)

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@ThisIsMissEm Thanks for the pointers.

Are data loaders and actions in react-router better than react-query.

In my opinion, yes, as they execute before render of the application, so enable better loading states and router transitions.

@ThisIsMissEm Thanks.

Do you have an app idea in mind you want to learn on or do you want to learn generic stuff?
@jonwilson is trying to setup an online developing Solid Apps meetup.

I can be helpful when it comes to creating the data model for an app (in rdf). Myself, I am working on a Solid App with React. The 1st version of the data model is done. Now, I need to learn a bit React to continue. You are welcome to check out what we have so far: GitHub - timea-solid/SolidPeriodTracker: This is an Open Source Period Tracker in the making that just happens to be using Solid.

P.s. I also collected some examples of Solid code in a demo app here: Solid Hello Worlds (do mind, the search has a bug because the lib I was using is also a demo).

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yes, I have a solid app idea indeed. But my knowledge is not strong enough to realize this idea. My little web development skills are a little bit outdated but could reactivated with help of a supporting code teacher. It is a idea for an recovery app to support recovery from mental health issues in an supporting kind if self help community. to use PODs for this kind of very personal data would be great.

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I love the idea! I would like to help you somehow.
What do you have in mind? How would you want to get started? (We can try to see if we can find a collaborative approach).
Some suggestions I have:

  • start a git project where people can follow along;
  • describe first and foremost what the app should do, maybe even how you envision it would look like

Afterward, we can tackle the data model, or maybe start with some basic Solid concepts or RDF.
If we can agree on a common time to meet we can also make it public and invite anyone to join.
My time is limited, given I also have my own projects but if we can work out a schedule and be prepared in that 1 hour, we can be consistent I believe. The thing I cannot help with is React (yet). If anyone with React knowledge joins then I can also learn from this setup.
What do you think?

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Hi @thomaskarlrichter
Thanks for mentioning me, @Timea
Well, I have some React and general front-end web dev skills (and some back-end, but not nearly as much), as that’s what I do for my day job, and like Timea mentioned, I have a meetup group (which sometimes has online meetups in addition to local meetups) and I’m currently trying to pick a date for our next online meetup, which will focus mainly on app development.
My biggest weakness and something I’m trying to understand better, with respect to Solid, is related to issues working with data–modelling it, writing or consuming ttl (or JSON-LD, and Linked data generally), and doing CRUD things with a Solid pod.
Having said all that, I’d be happy to help in whatever way I’m able, and join an online meeting if possible (and I’ll try to remember to post an update here when I schedule my meetup group’s next online meetup).



I can support with React. As @Timea suggested, if you plan to open a git for the project , I am happy to contribute to it . Or if you plan to form a study group, I am interested to join.
Also, interested to join the Solid Apps meetup.

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