Solid React SDK by inrupt

Hi all!

Wanted to let everyone know that inrupt has kicked off the release cycle for a Solid React SDK (MIT license).

Check out this quick update for what’s included in the first push, as well as this introductory blog post from last week.

Most importantly, you can find the main repo at, which has pointers to the component and generator repos, contributor docs, and what’s on the current release path so far.

Feedback and collaboration welcomed!!


Cool! Good job guys :clap:t2:


Fantastic! :wink:


Might need to differentiate these by name or functionality clash.

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Hi, has there been any update on this? The repo seems to have stagnated and the last deadline was probably missed.

Thanks for asking! We’re definitely not stagnant, right now we’re working on some exciting new features that took a bit longer than expected.

Specifically, we’re working on introducing the concept of shapes into the SDK for the first time, including a first pass at taking a shape and loading it directly into a form automatically. Our plan is to release the shape form as a component that is standalone, then integrate it into the generator and base application on the profile page, replacing the current profile example.


Thanks for your response @james.martin. It’s great to hear that there are exciting new things in the pipeline. I was wondering if might not be better to first focus on the planned features which have missed the last two deadlines.

That timeline is a little out of date, as we did release 0.4.2 as expected. There was some questions about releasing the next version, as we knew the forms would take a bit longer. I’ll make sure to get the sdk documentation updated with the right dates/versions though, thanks for pointing it out.

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