Inrupt Beta is now live!

The Inrupt team is thrilled to announce the beta availability of several new and upcoming offerings that improve the developer experience as well as enable innovative new use cases.

These product offerings are meant to enable rapid development of Solid applications and empower developers to build innovative, reliable, and secure applications. For more details regarding these announcements, please check the Inrupt blog.

We’re also launching a mailing list to help developers and customers stay up to date with the latest software news and announcements from Inrupt. If you’d like to be added, please subscribe.

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Osmar Olivo
VP Product, Inrupt


Thanks for the update. Great to see progress!

This is good! As @aveltens said, it’s really nice to see those stuff moving forward. Subscribed to the mailing list!

I played a little with the inrupt/solid-client-js, it’s really easy to get started (mostly compared to rdflibjs), nice work!

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As a followup to our beta announcement from last month, we are proud to announce that the Inrupt React SDK v2 is now available for beta testing!

The React SDK v2 builds on top of Inrupt’s JavaScript Solid Client Libraries, enabling developers to easily bootstrap React applications that leverage Solid. It is open source and available for Beta testing.

Thank you.

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Also working on ways to accelerate the creation of SOLID applications, using low code technology that allows the rapid functional modelling of the application and then full code generation of the application. On the low code platform I am using, we can easily integrate new generation templates that could include a specific technology stack, for example React. Happy to share with anyone interested to dig deeper

Check here for a demonstration of low code applied to Solid application development :

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