Join Inrupt's Solid Hackathon!

Calling all developers! Inrupt is hosting a Solid hackathon for developers of all backgrounds. Winners are eligible for monetary prizes and an opportunity to present their projects on an upcoming Solid World.

Registration closes April 10. Sign up today!


Hi @ChristyKuesel, just a note: the signup form links to a code of conduct that does not exist at

Good catch! I updated the link.

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First of all, sorry to hear of your experience as a newcomer in the Solid project!
In general (not specific to Inrupt or to their Hackathon), the Solid project as a whole has its own Code of Conduct - you can contact the Code of Conduct Committee via email (just send them a link to this blogpost so you don’t have to type it all again!).

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject, these are things it is important for this community to hear. I am sorry to hear about your experiences. I am not associated with Inrupt so I won’t respond to anything you’ve said about them. As a member of the Solid open source community, I very much agree with you that as a community we have a lot of work to do to become inclusive and diversified. I am also very much in favor of combining mentoring with socially beneficial projects and organizations and there are several such Solid projects now, hopefully more in the future. It would be wonderful to have your input on these projects and other ways we can encourage inclusion and diversity if you ever decide to forgive Solid.

In terms of the overall lack of introductory materials and an onboarding pathway - some work is being done (e.g. a glossary aimed at non-tech crowd, tutorials, etc.) but we all know there are huge gaps which impact everyone but more so those who are already marginalized. Without excusing this situation, it is only recently that we have had a specification close to ready and therefore only recently that apps have been able to standardize and it’s really hard to make an onboarding pathway to something that is so in flux. I think we are beyond the worst of that. I hear your point that these bumps in the road are enough to derail exactly the people we need to have a strong and diversified community.


Sorry to hear that you received so many rebuffed and that even your chat contact or meeting was not enough inclusive. We are looking for talents but may be not in a real situation to include them on a short time somhow due to the fact that we are only part time volunteers.

Is not at all part of the solid project.

@widged I am so sorry you feel that way. I understand what you are saying more than I should/could respond here. Although Inrupt, where I have worked in the past, and the Solid community,which I have been a part of for 4 years, is my safe haven from all that. So it saddens me that you haven’t found the same here.

As the men who have all been directly responsible for making me feel welcomed here have responded, this is a project that is continuously evolving by it’s nature of pushing boundaries. So it is unfortunately hard to keep up sometimes. And we are all working toward making it easier/better and you can also help with that by giving your feedback while trying to learn and sort through things.

You can find me in this channel If you want to reach out, I’d be more than happy to spend time with you going over all that I know. And we can together work to improve documentation or other things we find that need improvement.

I really hope you take me up on my offer. I would love to meet you.


As a community, it is important to encourage individuals to reach out and come forward when they face difficulties, and to support each other.


It is important to clarify the distinction between different Code of Conducts, and how violations are handled:

Participants in the Solid community are expected to abide by the Solid CoC.

The Inrupt hackathon uses its own Code of Conduct. Individuals experiencing CoC violations with the members of the organization may want to try to contact other members of the organizing committee.

To protect the reported individuals as well as to not censor the original poster’s experience, the Solid forum moderators have restored the original message by redacting names and specific behaviors, and locking the conversation.

-Solid Code of Conduct Committee

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