Bring your Solid idea into life!

Hi everyone,

If you could not hear on Solid World, Inrupt’s Developer Workshop is starting next week. This is our very first one, and we want to invite all developers to build apps using Solid. You can learn more on our site, Developer Workshop. Or enter as a participant/team at Developer Questionnaire. We are excited to see what everyone creates, and you get the opportunity to win a cash prize!

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Nick Mondada
Product manager @ Inrupt

Ha, I thought the site was broken on Firefox yesterday, but it was due to me blocking those Google trackers by default making it look like unstyled html. I hardly encounter broken pages due to my adblock settings, so didn’t immediately think of them.

Sounds interesting! How is the procdedure? Do I need to spend 4 weeks full time on the workshop, or is it something one can do besides your non-solid day job? Does it have to be a new app or can teams continue on something they already started?

Hi @aveltens ,

We don’t expect participants to be working full time on their apps, hence the 4 weeks duration. Most probably people will do evenings and weekends. In order to set a level playing field for everyone, projects started before the event are not allowed to participate.


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