Solid Hackathon starts next week

A quick reminder that the registration deadline for the upcoming Solid Hackathon organized jointly by Inrupt and the DTI is Monday, September 11th.

The theme of the hackathon is “Solid for Social Networks”. Any project using Solid in the context of multi-party interactions (a social network) qualifies.

For reference, this is the official announcement.

Looking forward to another wave of innovation around Solid.


Hi @hzbarcea , thx for getting the word out about this. QQ: Will teams be notified ahead of time if their project submission has qualified for participation?

@djsf not really. We do not review the submissions until the day of (because there may be changes/updates). We also do not disqualify submissions unless it’s something (outrageously) out of scope. We encourage participants to bring their ideas and innovation and rely on their best judgement to adhere to spirit of the event.

From what I know about your project it would be a great fit. Best of luck!

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amazing, thanks for the info! looking forward to participating :slight_smile:

I have just landed on Solid and learning it now.
I’m a designer and just signed up for the hackathon, what are the best way to find a team?