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My name is Thorsten, and I’m a Data Engineer at a Telecommunication company in Austria. I would like to test the Solid specification and start exploring what can be achieved with this technology. I would like to join the upcoming Hackathon. However, I don’t have a team. If anyone is interested in an additional teammate, I would be happy to join.

Kind regards from Vienna.


Hi Thorsten,

Please feel free to join the upcoming Solid Hackathon. We do accept solo registrations, so you can registered anyway.

Actually the winner of the last hackathon was a solo developer. We also had teams in the past that were formed by solo developers joining forces. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, either here or on the matrix channel.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas in action! Good luck!


Hi @ThorstenBigT , I’ve submitted a hackathon proposal to create a Ruby Client Library for Solid so that Solid can be integrated with Fediverse applications more easily. I’m also looking for teammates so if this sounds interesting to you I’d love to chat more :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the offer however my home is in Python. So I would not be able to provide a lot of help. Additionally, I already teamed up with someone else.
Kind regards,
Thorsten Steuer

no worries mate. glad u found someone. best of luck!