Ambiguities pertaining to Solid, the community, users, developers

I am creating this topic as a place to discuss things that are real about solid and not ambiguous in regards to true facts. As everyone on this forum knows, we are at an age where there is so much fake news that, one can hardly discern the truth from a lie anymore.

That being said, whatever is published online about solid by the media to sell adds is one thing, and then, there are real facts. So my hope is that those who can answer the questions, will, because they have first hand information. That being said, my questions are as follows:

I hosted a sunset cruise on my yacht several weeks ago for a small group of local developers here in the Capital District of New York. Some of the questions I had received, I still do not have answers to reply back regarding, and I am posting a couple questions here in hopes of getting an answer that, consists of true facts, and not ambiguous responses.

  1. The website states that you can get a solid pod and a WebID from one of two choices, or It should be noted that, there are no other choices on that website for pod or identity providers. There is also documentation that indicates the site has been reduced to experimental and therefore, those that want to get a pod have asked me: Is the website that serves pods and WebID’s the substance of an experimental server?

More specifically: Is the server set up on just merely an example of Inrupt’s work? And, is this an actual server for the general public to get a pod?

  1. Is Solid a Non Profit as depicted on Linkedin here?

  2. For those that do not want to run a pod server, where should one get a pod that will be maintained?

Although the group has followed solid on gitter and github, they are still quite confused and I am having a hard time answering these questions myself so any help would be great.

Got an email from someone who wants to know what the yacht looks like, and if I am scheduling another Solid cruise soon? Yes, I am scheduling another sunset cruise solid meetup for June 2020 and July if anyone is interested, please let me know. The boat is located on Lake Champlain and you will have to provide your own transportation to that location.

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Hi Mike,

as a member of the Solid community, I want to thank you for your input and questions. This is a forum about Solid though; for questions specifically about inrupt, I believe it’s best to check their FAQ. In case other people have questions about inrupt, you could send them to this FAQ, so inrupt may help them.



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