Solid Servers and Pods


1.) When I create a POD it is created on a specific SOLID server. Is that correct?
2.) If so, can I move the POD between SOLID servers?
3.) What if the SOLID server goes down? Can I have copies of the POD on multiple SOLID servers?
4.) I do not have access to Github from work. Are there other SOLID servers up and running for public testing/use?

Thanks and I look forward to assisting with user level testing. Wish the web had been designed like this from the git-go.


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A POD can be created on a specific server, but you can have more than one pod (using different names), and you can use more than one server (and use the same name, but different server name).

You can get your own POD on any of the Solid POD Servers that are up and running for testing, and which are listed here:

Or, you can install and run your own server:


Thank you for your reply. I have a POD already but the problem I have is I can not access github from work. So, the two servers (SOLID and inrupt) point back to github.

So, my screen is in disarray and no graphics are displayed. Do you know of a server that does not use github? Thanks and I look forward to seriously participating.


Which server is your current POD hosted on?

I’ve had for a while and created one on inrupt today to see what happens. Same issue on both. Nothing is in the POD except my name and workplace because everything else doesn’t load properly. Using Chrome (latest) and also failed on IE11.


As a side note I am a former developer at the chip level and software project manager as well as managing multiple international projects. I’m a thorough alpha and beta tester providing extreme details of issues. Spent for 1/3 of my career coding for data communications in unique situations - just about every protocol you can imagine.


If you click on the “getting started with Solid” link on your home POD page it does indeed take you to github (which you can’t access from work).

Best info is at (which presumably you will be able to access from work)

This takes you through adding your image, adding your profile, adding an address book etc. and explains how you can do all those things without going to the github site.

Worth mentioning that things are still fluid, so some of the instructions may work better than others.