Reliable Solid Pods for supporting applications

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I’d be very grateful to hear from anyone using a Solid pod with different applications on an hourly basis. What pod are you using, what applications, what reliability are you observing? If you are also a developer I assume the gitter, forum, code, docs and tutorials (in that kind of order) are you best resources?

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I can’t quite speak for everybody, but given that most Pod servers I’m aware of (e.g.,,, and I think too) are labelled as experimental and for developers, and how there aren’t that many working and usable apps yet, I’d be surprised if there’s people using apps on an hourly basis at this point in time.

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I don’t know when this actually going to be finished as I’ve got several steps to get out of the way (e.g., checksums, completion of a mobile iOS authentication package, determining what information needs to be sent to my custom server). But this is all in service of adding Solid pods to my current (on the Apple app store) Neebla app. Of course, as mentioned Solid is basically experimental at this point, and so someone using Solid with my app will be experimental. But hey, you only live once ;).

And back to the original question: I do use the Neebla app hourly or thereabouts. So, when the integration is completed it should track with what you are talking about.


Thank you both for the replies so far. I was thinking a bit more about this and I think it presents an opportunity for the Inrupt, Trinpod and other pod provider teams to start to privately use Solid on a daily / hourly basis. Perhaps initially for one small internal tool, a kind of eat-your-own-dog-food approach, and grow the usage and use cases/apps from there. If they would then publicize and share those experiences on a blog, and optionally share their app code in public repos, I would find that narrative and information really useful. It would be a very compelling and enticing starting point to understand where Solid is at, how I can best use Solid and how I can best contribute back to the Solid ecosystem to help it grow. There’s obviously amazing work being done by many people in many different areas; I personally find the work that’s directly tied to enabling user facing features the easiest to understand and to contribute to. It appears that from a technical capability angle, that Solid is ready for this (pod provider teams to use and publicise their use of Solid)?

I use the solidcommunity server on a weekly basis for issue tracker and custom personal knowledge management tasks.

It’s non-critical data, and part of the use process involves fixing issues along the way.

The solidcommunity server is slow for me, both because the NSS is known to be slow and there’s fairly high latency from where I am. I have never lost any data. I do take occasional zip backups.

I’m looking to shift all my time management and budgeting to solid but would want to self-host and would be using custom apps that need to be converted from Excel and Django.


By way of disclosure, I work for Inrupt as a Delivery and Support Manager.

Internally, we use multiple Pod Spaces Pods for a number of purposes, including:

  • End-2-end testing of client applications.
  • Testing of libraries as part of the CI build.
  • Solid server compliance testing.
  • Storage of daily metrics.

The applications that access the Pods use a variety of languages including JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, and Python.

While I cannot say the Pods are accessed hourly, they are typically accessed multiple times per day without noticeable reliability issues, either of the Pods or the server. Current server status can be seen at


This is great to hear @Kevin . Thank you. When the time is right, if you made a repo public for an app you’re all using internally and published a blog post about it I would find this very useful and inspiring. Particularly so if the blog post covered how your team uses the app daily, any gotchas and any planned future app features once x, y, z is realised in the Solid spec & code bases.