Could Someone Help me with Query Regarding Solid Project Compatibility with IoT Devices?

Hello there,

As I am exploring the potential of the Solid project in the realm of IoT devices; and I have a few questions regarding its compatibility and integration capabilities.

I am curious about how Solid interfaces with IoT devices. Are there specific protocols or standards that Solid follows to communicate with IoT devices; or is it a more flexible system that can adapt to various protocols?

I am interested in learning about any ongoing projects or developments within the Solid community that involve IoT devices. Are there any use cases or case studies that showcase Solid effectiveness in managing IoT data and interactions securely and privately?

I am keen to understand how Solid ensures data privacy and security in the context of IoT. Given the sensitive nature of IoT data; especially in areas like healthcare or home automation; how does Solid mitigate potential security risks and ensure that users have full control over their data?

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

I would appreciate any recommendations or resources for getting started with integrating IoT devices with Solid. Whether it is documentation; tutorials; or community forums; any pointers would be immensely helpful as I begin my journey into exploring this intersection.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.


This is sort of the area my lab has some interest in. One thing we have worked on is integrating existing IoT protocols with Solid. We used MQTT + the Notifications protocol in order to stream data to an active listener and save it in a resource. We are also doing some other work regarding Solid-OIDC on embedded devices and using that to communicate with resources and Notifications listeners.

We haven’t done anything specifically with security yet, but as a whole it appears the security aspect of Solid is rather young right now, with some flawed assumptions of ACLs with ACP has somewhat solved. As far as integrating security in the IoT + Solid spec, to my knowledge there is no standardized OIDC provision for embedded devices, as they come with their own security concerns (power analysis, timing analysis, electromagnetic frequency analysis, etc), and surveying them on top of Solid is something I have not encountered yet.

If you’d like to reach out I’d be happy to chat.

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Hello @tysonzach,

You may be interested in the minutes from a very recent joint call between the Solid Community group and the Web of Things community group: 16 May 2024 | WoT CG Meetup: Integrating the Web of Things with Solid: Architecture, Benefits, and Real-World Application | Calendar | W3C.