Data Freedom Foundation Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My team at Data Freedom Foundation is looking to use Solid to create an open-source and non-profit-driven data automation standard - what we call the Smart Data Protocol.

We’re focusing on how humanity can control the technology around us by limiting the uses of our data, even after it’s been shared. This requires creating a global standard for attaching and enforcing agreements to our increasingly mobile data.

Here’s a Medium Article that explains our solution in more detail:

We’re looking forward to working with the Solid Community!

Alan Rodriguez
Founder - Data Freedom Foundation


What would be the best way to discuss how the Data Freedom Foundation efforts to control data contractually could interoperate with Solid Protocol?

Can we meet with technical leads to discuss the challenges we might face building our vision as a Solid Application?

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Could you sketch out a bit more what you have in mind and what your questions are? There are many different parts to Solid, so it’s hard to know to whom or where to refer you.

It’s very nice to meet you Jeff,

Our mission is to create the standard for digital civil rights and we want Solid to drive the identity side of our solution.

We’re wanting to beef up Solid security to ensure high data veracity, trust, and control over a contested or hostile network or platform.

See attached architecture - Solid would be the foundation for our master data controllers.


Alan, looks like very interesting stuff. If you have specific questions about Solid or want to put out a general call for collaborators or contractors, this is a good place to post. If you want a general consultation on how Solid can fit in with your project, your best bet is probably to talk to one of the companies that are implementing Solid - Inrupt, Janeiro, Trinpod, Openlink, Digita, etc. If you have a proposal for the open source side of Solid, I suggest you write it up and send it to


Just wanted to add my +1 here to say this sounds interesting! I look forward to hearing more! :slight_smile:

@AlanR, it looks as though your Foundation fights in the policy space for the personal freedoms which Solid aims to provide in the technical space. As I have said many times, the world is made of a mixture of technological rules and societal rules – we have to build both together. So your work and or work need to be coordinated, especially by people who understand both. Form the technical point of view, obviously please make sure everything has to be Solid compatible.
One possibility would be for you folks to present your work at one of the monthly Solid World events, depending on how the topics are expected, or another Solid meetup, etc. Are there events you have at which it would be good to preset Solid?

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I would agree with Tim, @AlanR. If you are ever interested in speaking at a future Solid World, we would love to hear more about your vision with Solid. Would you mind filling out the Solid World Presenter Form?

@timbl, it’s very nice to converse with you - something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

We’re working in both the policy space and the standards/technology space. On the policy side, Data Freedom Foundation takes a somewhat extreme stance that all data needs to be contually controlled to ensure our digital civil rights.

We see a way to create a standard for digital civil rights as well as the technology that enforces our rights. We believe both are mandatory.

On the technology side we’re building the SaaS ecosystem upon which other solutions can be built and data can be transacted via contractual data flows.

We think we can extend Solid capabilities to the network edge and secure data when and where it’s most vulnerable. We think Solid is the identity/data/hub platform upon which we can build our standard and ecosystem.

Hello @Marrelleb - I have filled out the form.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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